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UNIVERSIDAD INDUSTRIAL DE SANTANDER (UIS), is a Colombian higher education institution located in Bucaramanga. The University initiated its activities in 1948 with only three main faculties related to the field of engineering: electrical, mechanical and chemical engineering. During the years, the institution has grown and now provides students with a variety of programs related mainly to the field of engineering and sciences.

The University’s purpose is the development of professionals with high ethical, political and professional qualities, the generation of knowledge, as well as a culture based on the active participation of society. The education is based on values and principles, such as democracy and interdisciplinary work.

UNIVERSIDAD INDUSTRIAL DE SANTANDER bases its activities on the human qualities of the persons that are part of it, the academic excellence of its professors and the commitment of the University community in general.


The institution contributes to regional development through the training of professionals and the development of research activities in different disciplines. The institution has as a mission to generate a culture of quality in higher education and collaboration through which the grand challenges of society can be addressed.


The University’s vision is to consolidate its presence in the region and abroad, through the generation of knowledge and research activities. The University is focused on vertical growth with the support of high quality bachelors, masters and doctoral programs, as well as research processes that have as a goal to enhance interdisciplinary work.


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Contact info #1

Alvaro Ramirez Garcia
+57 7 634 3655 Ext: 2425
+57 7 635 0541
Carrera 27 con Calle 9, Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia

Contact info #2

Janeth Aide Perea Villamil
+57 7 635 0542 Ext: 2128
Vice Rector
+57 7 635 0542
Carrera 27 con Calle 9, Bucaramanga, Santander, Colombia

Undergraduate Programs

UNIVERSIDAD INDUSTRIAL DE SANTANDER’s undergraduate programs are as follows:

Faculty of Sciences:

• Biology,
• Physics,
• Mathematics for Teaching,
• Mathematics,
• Chemistry.

Faculty of Human Sciences:

• Law, 
• Economics,
• Philosophy,
• History,
• Elementary School Teaching (Natural Sciences and Environmental Education),
• Elementary School Teaching (Spanish),
• Teaching English as a Foreign Language,
• Music Education,
• Social Work.

Faculty of Physical Chemical Engineering:

• Geology, 
• Metallurgical Engineering,
• Petroleum Engineering,
• Chemical Engineering.

Faculty of Health:

• Bacteriology, 
• Nursing,
• Physical Therapy,
• Medicine,
• Nutrition and Dietetics.

Post-Graduate Programs

UNIVERSIDAD INDUSTRIAL DE SANTANDER’s postgraduate programs are as follows:

Master’s Programs:

• Master in Biomedical Sciences,
• Master in Epidemiology,
• Master in Physics,
• Master in Philosophy,
• Master in Geology,
• Master in Legal Hermeneutics and Political Science,
• Master in History,
• Master in Electrical Engineering,
• Master in Electronics, 
• Master in Computer Engineering,
• Master in Hydrocarbons Engineering,
• Master in Civil Engineering,
• Master in Materials Engineering,
• Master in Chemical Engineering,
• Master in Mathematics,
• Master in Pedagogy,
• Master in Chemistry,
• Master in Telecommunications,
• Master in Public Health,
• Master in Semiotics.

Medical Specializations:

• Specialization in Anesthesiology and Reanimation, 
• Specialization in General Surgery,
• Specialization in Pediatric Cardiac Intensive Care,
• Specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics,
• Specialization in Internal Medicine,
• Specialization in Ophthalmology,
• Specialization in Orthopedics and Traumatology,
• Specialization in Pathology,
• Specialization in Pediatrics.


• Specialization in High Management,
• Specialization in Administration of Health Services,
• Specialization in Pediatric Cardiac Anesthesia,
• Specialization in Federal Contract Management,
• Specialization in Administrative Law, 
• Specialization in Labor Law and Industrial Relations,
• Specialization in Product Development,
• Specialization in College Teaching,
• Specialization in Critical Care Nursing,
• Specialization in Nursing Care in Operating Rooms and CSSDs,
• Specialization in Emergency Nursing,
• Specialization in Mathematics for Teaching,
• Specialization in Statistics,
• Specialization in Structures,
• Specialization in Project Management and Evaluation,
• Specialization in Philosophy of Law,
• Specialization in Maintenance Management,
• Specialization in Management of Construction Projects,
• Specialization in Strategic Marketing Management,
• Specialization in Public Management,
• Specialization in Environmental Engineering,
• Specialization in Natural Gas Engineering,
• Specialization in Social Research,
• Specialization in First Language Pedagogy and Semiotics,
• Specialization in Production of Hydrocarbons,
• Specialization in Environmental Chemistry,
• Specialization in Accountability and Restorative Justice,
• Specialization in Geographical Information Systems,
• Specialization in Telecommunications,
• Specialization in Theory, Methods and Techniques of Social Research.

Doctoral Programs:

• PhD in Natural Sciences, 
• PhD in Chemistry,
• PhD in Chemical Engineering,
• PhD in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Management of Technology Development.

Equipment, Hardware and Software

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is equipped with specialized software, such as:

• SOLID EDGE Software,
• ANSYS Simulation Software,
• SOLIDWORKS Software,
• EPANET and FLUENT water supply and distribution modelling software.

In the CAD room the following equipment is available:

• 20 PCs (Pentium III, 866 MHz, Acer, 256MB, 52x, 100MB, 20GB, 32MB, 17"),
• 1 master computer (Pentium IV, 1700MHz, HP, 512mb, 52x, 100MB, 40GB, 64MB, 17").

The University designs prototypes and pilot projects using technology tools, such as RP (Rapid Prototyping) and CAD (Computer Aided Design) software.

In its laboratories, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is equipped with hydraulic turbo-machines, as well as machine tools, oil-pneumatic systems, vibration systems, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and instrumentation mechanisms, automatic control systems, a CAD (Computer Aided Design) room, and an area dedicated to metalworking processes.


UNIVERSIDAD INDUSTRIAL DE SANTANDER, has five main branches located in different municipalities in the region of Santander:

  • Bucaramanga: The headquarters of the University; Located in an area of 337,000 m2 include different facilities for various activities.
  • Barbosa: The branch in Barbosa occupies an area of 1,653 m2 and is equipped with 8 classrooms, multiple lounges, multimedia classrooms, a library, as well as computer and chemistry labs.
  • Socorro: The branch in Socorro covers an area of 11,000 m2 and is equipped with physics labs, electric circuits and digital systems, chemistry labs, four computer labs, a library, study centres, 21 classrooms, a multipurpose room with 150 seats, as well as various sports facilities, administration offices and an outdoor theatre with a capacity of 800 people.
  • Malaga: The facilities in Malaga are equipped with 11 classrooms, 10 laboratories for chemistry, biology, soil analysis and anatomy, among others, computer rooms, internet rooms, a library, a forestry and environmental studies center, auditoriums and two rooms equipped with audiovisual projection equipment.
  • Barrancabermeja: The branch in Barrancabermeja is equipped with 27 classrooms, 4 laboratories, 3 computer rooms, and a library.


UNIVERSIDAD INDUSTRIAL DE SANTANDER has conducted several research projects for the Military Forces, especially the Colombian Air Force, in the area of missile technology, computational fluid dynamics and fatigue analysis.


Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS)

  • Carrera 27 con Calle 9, Santander, Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • +57 7 634 4000
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