Cronofy Launches Conferencing Services Support for Remote Meetings

NOTTINGHAM, England, April 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Cronofy, a global innovator in business scheduling software, today announced the launch of the latest feature of their API, Conferencing Services. This feature gives software businesses and their users the ability to generate online meetings and conference dial-ins as a core function of Cronofy's API service. When creating an event with the Cronofy API, software businesses can now add an additional attribute to any event to give the attendees the option to connect remotely.

Cronofy is partnering with 8x8, a California-based leading provider of cloud communications solutions including enterprise voice, meetings and messaging, to make this a zero configuration option for all parties. Links are generated and anyone can attend the meeting from their web browser. End-users with Google personal or G-Suite accounts will automatically generate a Google Meet link.

It's important that this works for everyone, out of the box, but the Cronofy team appreciates that many companies have conference services that they prefer to use. In much the same way as end-users can link calendar services to their account, they can now authorise their conference service provider to ensure meetings are generated using the appropriate tool.

This feature is launching with support for Zoom, Microsoft Teams and GoTo conferences. Additional services will be added in response to customer demand.

Cronofy wanted to offer support for businesses who are suddenly adapting to remote work given the current global situation. The product roadmap was reworked to fast track delivery of the Conferencing Services API feature as video conferencing is becoming an even bigger part of scheduling meetings in the workplace. Making this as simple as possible for software businesses and their clients is just a small way that Cronofy are able to make a difference now and for the long term.

This new feature of the API allows application developers to support this for their customers with minimal work. Cronofy has built this feature to provide turn-key support to anyone but with the configuration options needed to allow end-users to specify their preferred conference service.

Importantly this will work no matter how an event is generated through the Cronofy API. This means that customers using our Real Time Scheduling or our Real Time Sequencing managed UI can simply add the instruction to the event templates and they'll automatically be able to support remote meetings.

Cronofy is dedicated to being the best scheduling infrastructure for SaaS vendors. Conference services are a critical part of meetings, especially now. Delivering support for online meetings as a turn-key capability is absolutely consistent with that focus.

Adam Bird, CEO, Cronofy

The service is designed to provide on demand access to secure video meetings for anyone with a web browser. We're genuinely excited that Cronofy is bringing this capability to any service that they're powering scheduling for.

Emil Ivov, Head of Product, Video Collaboration, 8x8

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