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TEXTILIA S.A.S., was founded in 1969 as an answer to the needs of the Colombian clothing industry for woven fabrics. Since then, the Company has been specialized in both the production and distribution of fabrics to a wide industrial market. TEXTILIA S.A.S. is a leader in the production of synthetic flat woven materials. In 1985, the Company expanded to a vertical textile production by partnering with Hilanderías Universal, the spinning company with the most advanced technology in the country and one of the most modern facilities and equipment around the world. TEXTILIA S.A.S., occupies a very important position among fabric companies and is one of the biggest manufacturers of textile and fiber materials in Colombia.

TEXTILIA S.A.S., has a vertical production infrastructure for all its processes, such as spinning, twisting, dyeing and finishing for all fabrics and is currently exporting garments to the international market.

TEXTILIA S.A.S., has four different product lines (fabrics for the medical, business, industrial and educational sectors) to satisfy the needs and demands of the endowment market. It has the necessary technology to manufacture any types of garments, namely 100% polyester, 100% cotton, microfiber, and nylon fabrics, among others.

TEXTILIA S.A.S. is proud to be a solid company with a great concern and commitment towards the social and economic development of the country. It has taken many steps to preserve the environment by working with recycled yarns and applying water recycling processes.


The Company aims to satisfy the needs of the fabric sector with the production and distribution of high technology fabrics backed by specialized human resources, guaranteeing the welfare of its shareholders and employees and at the same time contributing to the economy and progress of the country.


TEXTILIA, wants to be a leader company in the textile sector in Colombia, and also extend its presence to the international market, with exports to the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Andean and Caribbean regions.


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Contact info #1

Jason Jaime
+57 1 447 3950 Ext. 273
+57 1 447 3977
Cra 60 No. 12 – 18, Bogota, Colombia

Contact info #2

Miriam Lopez
+57 1 447 3950 Ext. 286
Head of Quality Control
+57 1 447 3977
Cra 60 No. 12 – 18, Bogota, Colombia

Textile Lines

TEXTILIA S.A.S.’ commercial line includes textiles for different markets with water and fluid repellent finishes. TEXTILIA’s fabrics have a wide colour and design diversity to comply with the requirements and needs of different markets.

Textiles for the medical sector: Fabrics for hospital uniforms, dentists, nurses and veterinaries, among others.

Textiles for the services sector:

  • Restaurant uniforms,
  • Hotel uniforms,
  • Airline uniforms, among others.

Textiles for the industrial sector that are resistant to chlorine, pulling and stretching.

Textiles for the educational sector:

  • Uniforms for teachers,
  • Uniforms for students,
  • Uniforms for the administrative staff,
  • Uniforms for the operative staff.

The Company’s ecological fabrics are environmentally friendly, comfortable and have a healthy sensation.

The fabrics are made of:

Natural fibers: natural ecological fibers with no chemical additives or any treatment that could alter the composition of the textile.

Synthetic fibers: Ecological fibers from synthetic material.

Among the environmentally friendly products developed by TEXTILIA S.A.S., are the following:

  • Cotton twills - polyester mixture.
  • 100% cotton Jersey.
  • Poplin cotton - polyester mixture.
  • 100% Polyester interlock.

As of children’s and sportswear fabrics, the Company manufactures a wide range of 100% polyester and 100% cotton fabrics, among others, of different thickness and weaves. The fabrics are additionally complemented with stamping and pre-dying processes to meet the demanding needs of the market.

TEXTILIA S.A.S., offers decorative fabrics for various applications and industries:

  • Lingerie fabrics,
  • Kitchen fabrics,
  • Furniture and curtain fabrics.

Special Fabrics

TEXTILIA S.A.S.’ specializes in the production and distribution of special fabrics for different markets, such as:

Flameproof fabrics: TEXTILIA S.A.S. designs and manufactures flameproof products with different resistance levels that combine security, functionality and comfort.

The Company complies with the NFPA 2112 and NFPA 1975 international standards, and is also certified by UL Laboratories.

Ballistic fabrics: The ballistic protection fabrics, Autoshield® and Ballistictech® offered by TEXTILIA are made of aramid material and have different polymer finishes.

The finishes offered by the Company are:

  • Fluid repellent finish,
  • Infrared protection finish,
  • Waterproof finish,
  • Thermal stability finish,
  • High visibility finish,
  • Anti-bacterial and moisture management finish,
  • Anti-mosquito finish.


The Company is equipped with 50.000 sq. meter facilities and employs 1.600 regular and 4.000 subcontracted employees.

Due to its current production and sales volumes, TEXTILIA occupies a very important position within the other companies specializing in the manufacture of fabrics and clothing materials in Colombia.

The Company has strengthened its presence abroad, by exporting its products to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany and the Andean and Caribbean regions.

Machinery & Materials

The Company has acquired high technology machinery for the manufacture of fabrics and high quality clothing materials.

For the specialized industrial fabrics, TEXTILIA is in constant search of the most specialized materials and advanced equipment worldwide. The production processes are based on a vertical structure and the Company is equipped with both technology and machinery for flat and knot weaving. The organization has the appropriate technology to manufacture any type of finishes and there is also a complete preventive and corrective maintenance department for all its machinery and equipment, in order to assure quality in production processes and minimize errors.

Clothing Department

TEXTILIA S.A.S., is currently working to extend its national and international participation in the market. For that reason it has created a clothing department in order to strengthen its presence abroad and commercialize its products to the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Germany and countries in the Andean and Caribbean region. To achieve this, the Company has acquired high technology for the design and manufacture of high quality fabrics with delicate finishes and unique textures.

TEXTILIA S.A.S. focuses not only on the continuous improvement of technology and equipment, but also on the internal development of the Company and its human resources. Due to its current production and sale volume, the Company currently occupies a very important position with respect to other companies specialized in the manufacture of fabrics in Colombia.

Textilia S.A.S.

  • Cra 60 No. 12 - 18, Bogota, Colombia
  • +57 1 447 3950
  • +57 1 414 2139 - 443977
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