UV Angel Announces Two New UV-C Light Products to Neutralize Pathogens on Surfaces and in the Air

GRAND HAVEN, Mich., April 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- UV Angel, a leader in pathogen control technology, today announced two new UV-C light devices to autonomously and continuously treat the air and surfaces for harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses. UV Angel's newest products - UV Angel Air and the next-generation UV Angel Adapt - provide health care leaders and others with the crucial tools for the fight against infectious diseases, including COVID-19.

"We believe rapid deployment of UV Angel technology in hospitals around the country can provide immediate support to our healthcare workers on the frontlines of the fight against bacteria, fungus and viruses like COVID-19," said Tom Byrne, CEO of UV Angel. "We are actively shipping our products to hospitals and military facilities throughout the country including a VA hospital in Pennsylvania and an Air Force Base Medical Center. While there are no environmental treatment technology silver bullets, it's critical we provide these healthcare workers with as many layers of protection as we can to help keep them safe and in the fight."

Infection prevention is increasingly critical in today's health care settings - a fact brought into stark reality by the current global pandemic. UV Angel Air and the next-generation UV Angel Adapt help address concerns by using patented UV-C light treatment technology to automatically and continuously treat the air and surfaces.

"Many harmful pathogens are very sensitive to ultraviolet light," said Dr. Linda Lee, chief science and medical officer and national environmental health expert. "UV Angel Air can neutralize bacteria, fungi and viruses, including coronaviruses, traveling through the air, with applications not only in health care, but also in many commercial building and transportation environments including corporate offices, dental, education, airplanes, cruise ships, ride shares, food service and more."

With a modern integrated design, UV Angel Air combines its proprietary UV-C air treatment system with standard in-ceiling lighting, requiring no staff interaction. Air is circulated through a sealed UV-C chamber, where it is treated with a high intensity UV-C light. The treated air is then returned to the room, creating a measurably healthier and safer environment.

To treat frequently touched surfaces, UV Angel Adapt uses an intelligent, automated UV-C light treatment platform to continuously monitor and safely treat surfaces hundreds of times per day. UV Angel Adapt can be attached to keyboards, touch screens and a wide range of other frequently touched surfaces.

"One of the things that makes UV Angel unique is our experienced team. We have assembled a group of truly dedicated experts that have many years of real-world experience engineering and deploying safe, effective UV-C technology. The UV Angel series of products can give patients, health care professionals and their loved one's greater peace of mind," Byrne said.

UV Angel has been on the forefront of discussions about COVID-19. The Chief Science and Medical Affairs Officer of UV Angel, Dr. Linda Lee, recently contributed to a live Q&A answering the nation's most pressing questions regarding COVID-19.

UV Angel products come with a robust data platform that provides users the ability to track key performance indicators, access invaluable data and make well-informed decisions

More About UV Angel
UV Angel uses years of advanced research and development in ultraviolet light to make the environments around us measurably cleaner and safer by eliminating harmful pathogens. Fully automated, patented and proven safe, the company's UV-C technology monitors and cleans the surfaces we touch and the air we breathe. UV Angel's technology is complemented by a proprietary data analytics platform that delivers critical insights and strategic advantages to leaders in healthcare, food service, corporate, education and many more industries.

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