Car Insurance During The Coronavirus: Insurance Companies Provide Their Services Online Only

LOS ANGELES, April 25, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- With more than 925,000 confirmed cases and more than 52,000 deaths, the coronavirus pandemic in the United States does not seem to slow down. Quite the opposite. The country is in lockdown, with stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures being enforced by the local authorities. Most of the companies have closed their doors and had to fire people. Only companies that could manage their businesses online are still operating. Shops and restaurants that can provide the delivery of goods still manage to survive on the market. Car insurance companies make no exception. ( explains what is different now for the auto insurance industry since the companies now operate online-only.

    --  Drivers should expect longer to contact and work with customer service.
        Since insurance representatives no longer physically contact the
        policyholder, everyone has to go online and check the customer services.
        Naturally, there are queues forming up. Most people want to know about
        their premium payments and the recently introduced premium refunds.
    --  All claims are processed online. Instead of meeting with agents and
        claims adjusters, policyholders will have to contact the company via a
        call of a video conference. When reporting an accident, the policyholder
        will have to show pictures and videos that show the damage and support
        their claims. The company will send the evidence to some specialists,
        wait for results, and then contact the client and start negotiating the
        reimbursement's value. Claims may take longer to process during the
        coronavirus pandemic since all clients use the services online.
    --  Smaller companies have to adapt. Companies that were never used to
        handling claims and requests online had to adapt and build the needed
        infrastructure. That means adding new servers and storage space, adding
        more personnel to handle customer service and, possibly, automating some
        requests and answers. Furthermore, they have to update or upgrade their
        apps to provide more information about their programs and issue
    --  Companies must regularly update their websites and present the latest
        developments. These are busy times for insurance companies and they must
        be able to react to the recent legislation and guidelines. For example,
        they must inform clients how much money they will receive as part of
        premium refunds. It is recommended to display the latest information on
        the homepage.

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