Propelling Total Health Program, XCMG Calls for Sustainable Career Development at World Day for Safety and Health at Work

XUZHOU, China, April 27, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- XCMG(SHE:000425) launches the first global health initiative, the Total Health Program (THP), as a response to increasing health risk challenges and supporting employees and partners worldwide to a live healthy, better lifestyle.

With the slogan of "Better Health, Better Future!" THP emphasizes on "prevention first" and aims to help XCMG employees to improve health, immunity and strength physically and psychologically as major measure taken to build an elite talent team. XCMG employees are encouraged to set individual health goals and work with partners to improve self-management voluntarily, and detailed measures are being taken across XCMG's manufacturing bases and overseas companies:

    --  Host new gym clubs, dance clubs and physical training courses;
    --  Conduct employee physical and psychological evaluations;
    --  Establish new psychological counseling platform, open counseling rooms
        and hire professional counsellors to help employees;
    --  Promote healthy eating: fresh food at cheaper prices;
    --  Put an end to waste, including office supplies, utilities and food;
    --  Develop first aid and emergency response trainings and exercises.

"THP is a sustainable, long-term project that calls for everybody's participation, being healthy is being responsible to both family and the company. We want to create a positive environment that can benefit employees' physical and psychological health, XCMG recognizes life safety and health as a priority and hopes to extend the THP to our supplies, dealers and partners worldwide," said Wang Min, Chairman of XCMG.

XCMG Brazil is encouraging local employees to join the THP initiative in their own way and understand healthy living. Staff in XCMG Brazil wrote down personal health plans and goals such as working out more, reading more, eating better and resting well on the "Better Health, Better Future" bulletin board.

THP features both online promotion as well as small-scale sessions carried out by departments and teams. XCMG will also host keynote speeches, quiz shows and online Q&A to increase engagement, and select health ambassadors to lead various activities.

Since its launch in late March, THP has benefited over 23,000 XCMG employees and a number of the company's global partners.

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