Ohio-Based Facemasks for All Secures Supply Chain to Provide Non-Medical Masks for Businesses Prepared to Reopen

COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 27, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Facemasks for All is equipped to distribute millions of three-ply, non-surgical facemasks to Ohio businesses and other organizations as they start to welcome employees back into offices, restaurants and other gathering places. While specific requirements in Ohio are expected to be announced later today by Governor Mike DeWine, several businesses and organizations are already anticipating making masks part of their reopening plans. Seven states (Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island) already mandated facemask usage for businesses.

Masks from Facemasks for All are available in minimum quantities of 2,000. Costs depend on quantity requested, payment terms and desired delivery timeline. The average cost per mask is lower than $0.90 and is less than $0.66 cents when pre-paying with eight to ten days of lead time. Facemasks for All, which is utilizing a just-in-time inventory strategy to eliminate storage costs, has access to up to 100,000 masks available for next-day delivery. Additional quantities can be provided within four to ten days.

Businesses and organizations interested in obtaining masks should reach out directly at facemasksforall.com. The company has the resources to equip every worker in Columbus with a facemask within seven to ten days, and all of Ohio within two weeks, according to Darryl Tanner, chief executive officer, Facemasks for All.

"As we saw with facemasks for our healthcare workers, demand is going to exceed supply when employees return to the workplace," Tanner said. "This is a rapidly-growing global industry that was seemingly created just months ago out of nowhere. And while facemasks are only one of several measures important to creating a new American culture of public health and safety, they are a proven - and visible - tactic to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus."

A large portion of the proceeds from the commercial sale of the masks will cover the costs of Facemasks for All donations to nonprofit organizations and municipalities, along with advocacy, lobbying, education and overhead. The company has already distributed more than 430,000 masks to various entities, including the donation of 20,500 masks to central Ohio firefighter and police organizations as well as the Ohio National Guard and The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA).

"The Fraternal Order of Police is extremely grateful for Mr. Tanner's generosity by donating masks to Ohio law enforcement," said Jason Pappas, vice president, Fraternal Order of Police of Ohio. "The donation allows our departments to conserve supplies of personal protective equipment and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our communities."

Tanner is also the chief executive officer of Columbus-based technology company King Memory. Darryl's passion for supplying masks came as a result of his late-January visit to meet potential King Memory suppliers in Taiwan, as well as visiting his sister in Japan.

"I couldn't help but notice every person in public was wearing a facemask in both Tokyo and Taipei. Wearing facemasks in these countries was part of everyday life before COVID-19, so there was no cultural resistance to implementing facemask usage to slow the spread of the virus," Tanner said. "As a result, the global pandemic has not been as severe in places such as Taiwan, Japan and South Korea in comparison to the western world. I wanted to lend my experience in building high-growth companies and navigating fast-paced, evolving and fractured supply chains to quickly get a face mask to as many people as possible. I believe we cannot begin reopening the economy until everyone is wearing a facemask."

Facemasks for All, which is equipped with U.S.-based distributers with physical stock, is also currently verifying 12 manufacturers located in China with a combined daily production capacity of 14 million masks. These manufacturers are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are either currently approved by the Chinese government or have an application in process. China is verifying every manufacturer for quality and only permitting manufacturers that pass certain criteria to be allowed to export personal protective equipment including facemasks.

"Ohio business and governmental leaders have shown great resourcefulness and creativity to help fight the COVID-19 public health pandemic," Tanner concluded. "I feel a responsibility to do whatever I can as well. We truly are #InThisTogetherOhio."

For more information on Facemasks for All, please visit http://www.facemasksforall.com.

SOURCE Facemasks for All