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  • Mechanical, Electro-mechanical, Hydraulic and Pneumatic components
  • Ships, Vessels, Submarines & related equipment

C&A STAVROS KASSIDIARIS S.A., is a Commercial and Technical company. The company is involved with the Electric, Electronic, Pneumatic, Hydraulic and Automation for Marine & Industrial use. The Company employs apprx. 30 employees and its customers, are mainly large Maritime companies, Shipyards, Refinaries, Industries, Panel Constructors etc.

The company is offering the following products:

  • Electrical equipment (MCCB/Contactors/Thermal Relays/Timer),
  • Process Control Systems,
  • Monitoring Systems,
  • Level & Pressure Switches-Thermoswitches-Limit switches,
  • Proximities,
  • Power Capacitors,
  • Motor Starter capacitors,
  • Generating sets,
  • Electrical Network Measuring Instruments,
  • Electronic Pressure/Level Transmitters,
  • Digital/Analog Instruments,
  • Protection Relays,
  • PLC's,
  • Smoke Detection Systems,
  • Gas Detection Systems,
  • Medium Voltage Equipment.  


  • Project Development,
  • Panel Construction (for Automation and Power distribution applications),
  • Repairs-Service (of Electrical, Electronic, Hydraulic and Pneumatic Automation systems).

The Company has the exclusive agency in Greece, for many companies, such as:

  • CIRCUTOR: Capacitors, Power Factor Correction, Harmonic Filtering, Power Meters-Analysers, Current Transformers, Panel Instruments
  • FEMA: Digital Panel Meters and Control Instruments, Transmitters-Converters
  • INAEL: Medium Voltage Accessories, Fusses, Disconnectors, Surge Absorbers, Medium Voltage Tranformers (oil,dry,epoxy)
  • SELCO: Alarm Units, Monitoring Systems, Generator Protection
  • FINE AUTOMATION: Magnetic Floters (electrical-pneumatic)
  • SCHONBUCH ELECTRONIC: Proximity Switches.
  • MONICON: Gas Meters (Portable - Steady mounted)
  • OSNA: Safery Zener Barriers
  • ELECTROTHERM: Temperature sensors, Thermocouples-RTD's
  • VESTA: Air Valves, Pressure Regulators, Manual Pneumatic Control
  • SIEMENS-MOORE: Electronic & Pneumatic Control Instruments
  • OMET: Pressure - Temperature meters
  • GANZ: Chart Recorders

The company also is in close co-operation with many other companies, such as:

  • DYNAMIN: Explosion Proof Accessories,
  • SAMI: Pneumatic Pressure-Temperature Transmitters & Controllers,
  • SPRIANO: Pneumatic Pressure-Temperature Transmitters & Controllers
  • FUJI ELECTRIC: Pressure-Level Transmitters, Flowmeters, Recorders (Chart-Paperless)
  • SIKA: Temperature Calibrators, Temperature Meters
  • ÁUXITROL: Level and Pressure meters for Liquids.
  • CAMPINI: Digital Programmable Temperature Meters-Controllers
  • COMAR: Motor Capacitors
  • DANFOSS: Pressure-Temperature Switches, Transmitters
  • ÅLLISON: Pressure Transmitters, Level Transmitters
  • ELTIME: Electronic Protection (Voltage, Current, Frequency etc.
  • GENERAL ELECTRIC: Panel Electrical Components, Load circuit Breakers, Enclosures, Contactors, Thermal Relays, Command and Indicator Components, Énverters, Soft starters
  • SIEMENS: Panel Electrical Components, Load circuit Breakers, Contactors, Thermal Relays, Command and Indicator Components, Énverters, Soft starters
  • OLDHAM: Gas Meters (Portable - Steady mounted)
  • LANDYS & GYR: Burner Programming Units, PhotoCells.
  • RIVERTRACE: Oil Discharge Monitors, 15 ppm monitors.
  • S.I.: Pressure Calibrators, Pressure meters

Quality: Certified according to ISO 9001.

Engineering Expertise

Managing Director: Kassidiaris Stavros
Technical Manager: Kassidiaris Petros
Sales Manager: Karounias Stratos
Design & Development: Kokkinos Helias
Design & Development: Kalamaras Kostas

C&A Stavros Kassidiaris S.A.

  • Agchialou 97 & Aigaleo 73, Piraeus, Greece
  • +30 210 463 6000
  • +30 210 462 4471 
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