Be inspired for Machine Vision's Development and Application at CIOE 2020

SHENZHEN, China, April 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "Made in China 2025" mentioned that to change from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing powerhouse, intelligent manufacturing will be one important direction. As intelligent manufacturing become the tipping point, the essential enabling technology machine vision has been come into frequent discussions.

CIOE 2020 has setup the Machine Vision and Industry Automation Zone at Hall 7, presenting machine vision cameras, smart cameras, industrial cameras, boards cameras, light sources, image visual analysis and processing systems by active enterprises in the machine vision supply chain including Keyence, Huaguo, RZIMAGE, Grand Unified Optics, Hexagon, Aopti, TUCSEN, NOVEL, Trioptics, AMETEK Taylor Hobson, HYOPTEST, bcoptical, etc.

Machine vision technology is one of the core technologies of high-end intelligent equipment and machine vision systems improve the automation of high-volume, continuous production, greatly improving production efficiency and product accuracy. Meanwhile its ability to obtain information and automatic processing could be extremely fast, providing an effective way for information integration in industrial production. And it will be an ideal partner with another top technology - the laser technology to drive intelligent automation.

CIOE - Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo has a high-end intelligent equipment section, covering intelligent equipment, industrial robots, motion control equipment, automated production lines, processing equipment, control systems and functional components.

Key laser players in China such as ZKJ laser, Opturn, Wanshisin, MicorASM, DEEPXI, Nengjia, OPUS Microsystems will showcase their latest technologies and solutions on intelligent manufacturing.

It is understood that China's machine vision industry is currently in the rapid development stage, and it is now one of the most active regions in the world machine vision market. The applications of machine vision are various from consumer electronics, automotive, semiconductors, virtual reality, smart security, healthcare and more.

CIOE and Yole DĂ©veloppement will collaborate again to Machine Vision & IR for Industry Forum 2020 - The exciting next steps of machine vision and thermal imaging technologies, enabling a more general picture of how's the machine vision development will be and what's the competitive landscape and prospective of this blooming technology.

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