CIOE 2020 to Include Leading Optoelectronic Players as Exhibitors

SHENZHEN, China, April 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- CIOE 2020 (the 22(nd) China International Optoelectronic Exposition), the most influential and renowned optoelectronic industry exhibition, will be held as scheduled from September 9 to 11 at the largest exhibition venue Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. This grand event attracted tremendous abundant leading optoelectronic companies to present the entire optoelectronic ecosystem in information and communications, lasers, infrared, precision optics, lens and camera module, optoelectronic sensor and photonic innovations. Having annual over 3,000 exhibitors at the exhibition halls, CIOE is popular amount optoelectronic buyers for product sourcing as one trip and for all.

At CIOE 2020, over 800 manufacturers, equipment and service providers such as Hisense, SCHOTT, Keysight, HiSilicon, PHOGRAIN, Shijia, Eoptolink, Gigalight, II-VI, VIAVI, MACOM, O-Net, SENKO, InnoLight, CIG, T&S Communications, Sifotonics, Hitachi, Jiangsu Etern, C-data Technology, AUXORA, Broadex will exhibit at CIOE - Information and Communication Expo showcasing optical components and materials, optical fiber & cable, wireless communications, fiber sensing, cloud data center, optical communications system equipment, manufacturing system equipment, broadcasting and communications equipment, operation and service.

China's laser market is growing rapidly due to higher requirements in semiconductor processing and PCB processing. More than 200 top laser companies like Han's Laser, INTE Laser, NKT, SemiNex, Holo/Or, ATTOCUBE, Optical Film, DERAY, BWT, RealLight, SYNTEC, Lumcore, HI-Tech, Raybow Optoelectronics, Exuberance Opto-electronics will gather at CIOE - Lasers Technology & Intelligent Manufacturing Expo presenting the hottest technologies and products in laser materials and components, laser equipment, 3D printing and high-end intelligent equipment. Also, Lithuania Pavilion will join CIOE 2020 and showcase the world's first-class laser technologies.

As the only and first professional infrared exhibition in China, key infrared players LYNRED, FORECAM OPTICS, JIUZHIYANG, Thorlabs, ULIRVISION, Newport, DALI, IRay, GLOBAL SENSOR TECHNOLOGY, LEMO, GRINM, Kaihang, FuJiRui, MAGNITY, Sunell, AVIC, Keii Electro will bring the hot infrared equipment and application in the fighting against COVID-19 at CIOE - Infrared Applications Expo.

Ametek, Haotian, Panasonic, Buhler, SCHOTT, SUMITA OPTICS, Bruker, SHINCRON, Novel Trading, Phenix Optics, Schneider, HIKARI GLASS, CDGM, Foctek, Hitronics, INFICON, OPTRONTEC will continue to showcase the hot products and technologies in machine vision, optical components and instruments at CIOE - Precision Optics Lens and Camera Module Expo.

Also, Shanghai JuYou Smart Intelligence Technology, Xi'an Zhisensor Technologies, Honvision, Hypersen, KOWINTEST EQUIPMENT, ACUS TECHNOLOGY, Neuvition Technology, Optochip, Fraunhofer FEP, DRX Light Tech will share the topnotch products and applications in optical fiber sensor, machine vision, IoT at CIOE - Optoelectronic Sensor Expo. Furthermore, CIOE - Photonics Innovation Expo will gather Chinese top research organizations such as Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Pixel Technology, Flyuoptics, Dajian Optics, Zhejiang jingzheng Optoelectronic Technology, ZHONGGUANG PRECISE INSTRUMENT to demonstrate the latest products in biophotonics, information optoelectronic technology, intelligent manufacturing and robot.

Together more than 3,000 optoelectronic companies will present the world's largest exhibition for product displaying, demo releasing and network expanding.

Save the date and sign up now to CIOE 2020 to meet the world's most completed optoelectronic clusters by only one visit.

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