CIOE 2020 Visitor Guide for Top 6 Largest Optoelectronic Application Markets

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Under COVID-19 pandemic, lots of business connections and purposes have become difficult to fulfill. Regardless all the difficulties, CIOE 2020 as the world's largest optoelectronic sourcing platform, has been dedicating every possible effort to help optoelectronic professionals and the community to enhance the interconnection and communication.

Targeting professionals from 6 major optoelectronic application industries like optical communication, consumer electronics, automotive electronics, intelligent manufacturing, defense and security, and medical, CIOE 2020 has freshly released the visitor guide to help professionals to find the target products and potential partners. Each visitor guide consists of the optoelectronic components, devices, system and solution for each industry along with testing devices and manufacturing equipment for mentioned products. You could also get to know key Chinese companies in these products by checking it up.

CIOE 2020 Visitor Guide for Data Center

This visitor guide covers the hot products for data center application such as optical chips, optical modules, optical communication system equipment, optical communication devices (active devices, passive devices), optical fiber cables/optical fiber sensors, optical device production equipment, ICT system equipment, data center infrastructure construction, etc. Companies like Source Photonics, O-Net Technologies, Hisense, Gigalight, II-VI, Corning will showcase their cutting-edge products and technologies.

CIOE 2020 Visitor Guide for Smartphones and Consumer Electronics

Visitors specialized in mobile OEM, ODM, IDH solution providers, 3C manufacturers, home appliance manufacturers can find new products including optical lens & camera module, machine vision system and applications, VCSEL, 3D sensing, LiDAR, vision sensing, optical fiber & cables, lasers, high-end intelligent equipment, wireless communications, AR/VR, etc. Key exhibitors such as On Semiconductor, Sunny Optical, Phenix, Hikvision, HGTECH, Trumpf, SCHOTT and others will be exhibited onsite.

CIOE 2020 Visitor Guide for Automotive Electronics

Tremendous of products such as on-board cameras & modules, 3D sensing, LiDAR, millimeter-wave radar, in-vehicle infrared night vision systems, the application of 5G technology in IoV, machine vision system and application, lasers, high-end intelligent equipment, etc. will be presented by exhibitors like INNOVIZ, Neuvition, SureStar, FOCTECH, TETE, SAT, Han's Laser and other optoelectronic companies.

CIOE 2020 Visitor Guide for Defense and Security

Professional peers such as Dali Technology, IRay, LRUNCH, ZhiSensor, ULIRVISION, CRYLIGHT, HUAGUO and others will exhibit products covering optical lens and camera module, 3D sensing, infrared thermal imager, THz monitoring, LiDAR, imaging sensor, ultra-violet technology, machine vision system and application, laser specialty application, military and civil application, etc.

CIOE 2020 Visitor Guide - Intelligent Manufacturing

Optoelectronic companies such as HGTECH, Hymson, Penta Laser, FANUC, Hitronics, Panasonic, Mvotem Optics and others will exhibit the hottest products covering laser marking machines, laser cutting machines, laser welding machines; Industrial robots, motion control equipment, automated production lines, processing equipment, control systems and functional components; 3D printers, 3D software technology, printing materials; Machine vision systems and applications, etc.

CIOE 2020 Visitor Guide - Medical

Optical and laser technologies are widely used in the upgrading of medical applications. Products such as medical lens, medical module, CMOS image sensor, super-resolution microscope, scanning image analysis system, medical special optical fiber and device image test light box, VCSEL, infrared thermal imager, laser special application, machine vision system and application, biomedical optoelectronics, terahertz technology will be covering at this three-day exhibition. Exhibitors such as ACUS, NEDGLASS, VERTILITE, JPT, On Semiconductor, BWT, ELITE and other leading companies will be onsite and showcase their topnotch products and technologies.

CIOE 2020 (the 22(nd) China International Optoelectronic Exposition) will be held at Shenzhen World Exhibition and Convention Center. Register now to source at the world's leading optoelectronic event.

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