Generac Reminds Homeowners Power Protection is Critical in Hurricane Season

WAUKESHA, Wis., May 4, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Sheltering in place is an agonizing challenge all on its own, but without reliable power supply, life at home can become chaotic. With an active hurricane season predicted by Colorado State University hurricane researchers and AccuWeather(TM), the potential for widespread power outages and the risk to areas hit by major storms may leave homeowners in a heightened state of anxiety, only to be calmed by feelings of preparedness.

While large populations across the U.S. continue to battle the coronavirus outbreak, the start of hurricane season is just beginning. The CSU Tropical Meteorology Project team predicts 16 named storms during the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs between June 1 and November 30. The research models indicate as many as eight storms will become hurricanes and four will reach major hurricane strength (Saffir/Simpson category three or higher). This outlook anticipates major power outage events and points to early homeowner preparedness as a key aspect for surviving the storms with resilience.

"The time to start preparing for hurricane season is now," says Russ Minick, Chief Marketing Officer at Generac Power Systems. "In almost all cases, we can significantly reduce panic by focusing on preparedness and urging our customers to make the necessary plans early and responsibly."

Each year, Generac Power Systems joins organizations like FEMA in encouraging early preparation for the storm season, when resilience to power outages can substantially increase safety. With new and helpful hurricane preparedness information, the company's website will serve to help homeowners accomplish the goal of power outage preparedness at

Preparing for an Unprecedented Challenge

Severe storms in 2020 will prove to be a difficult task on several fronts, including the threat to outdated electrical grids on the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts, possibly causing severe power outages and creating a mountain of problems during a time of social distancing. In California, an abnormally dry "rainy season" may be a catalyst for power outages, as utility companies look to Public Safety Power Shutoffs to mitigate the risks of wildfires.

Power outages from storms or wildfires may put a strain on the ability of emergency officials to evacuate affected areas, deliver food and critical supplies as well as provide medical equipment. Evacuations in large groups can also be a problem as states have social distancing and stay-at-home orders during the pandemic.

Power Outage Solutions and Technical Support Go Virtual

Over the past decade, a high frequency of electrical infrastructure failures and weather-related power disruptions have proven costly, but businesses and homeowners have affordable new solutions for power outage resiliency. At the forefront of category innovation, Generac has developed carbon monoxide-detecting portable generators, WiFi-equipped home standby generators with remote monitoring capabilities, a propane tank fuel level monitor as well as a profound move into clean energy solutions with new solar + battery storage capabilities, featuring its new PWRcell solution.

According to Jake Thomas, director of service operations at Generac, the options for emergency power have grown and thus, company experts are on hand and ready to help. "It's important to consider all available options when thinking about emergency power needs. While portable generators can easily power up a few appliances and can be purchased online and at big box or local hardware stores, automatic home standby generators offer greater peace of mind and can run continuously until utility power returns."

Thomas recommends learning more by scheduling an appointment with an independent authorized Generac dealer to properly size an automatic home standby generator or its solar + storage battery solution. "With high regard for safety during shelter-in-place orders, we've developed a comprehensive virtual in-home assessment that is replacing our consultants' in-person visits. Our network of local dealers will work with homeowners to not only understand their needs, but to go along on a virtual tour of the home, its electrical panel as well as the area outside the home where the unit may be placed."

At its headquarters, Generac employees routinely prepare for the possibility of storm-related power outages. The customer service team opens up to a wide variety of generator-related questions, regardless of what brand the caller may have, making technical support a priority when needs are high. In addition, the company maintains its Storm Response Team program, a volunteer-based group that assists industrial and residential dealers on their service calls after storm-related outages put stresses on the available labor force . The teams deploy to the affected regions with an abundant supply of essential tools, equipment, generator parts and expertise.

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