Generac Industrial Power Leads The Way With New Transfer Switches

WAUKEHSA, Wis., June 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Generac Industrial Power is proud to introduce the first of its new, best in class TX Series Transfer Switches. This innovative product joins the full line of Generac transfer switches and is designed to meet varying needs, from commercial applications all the way to the most demanding critical installations. The TX Series switches are Generac-designed and built in-house, with exceptional features that meet or exceed any application needs.

"This is the most versatile switch Generac has designed and engineered to date," said Nikhil Nagpal, product manager, Generac Power Systems. "Between its withstand rating, field selectable voltage and ease of installation, the TX Series is the ideal solution for an array of applications."

Generac has decades of experience in the design, development and manufacturing of transfer switches. Seeing an opportunity in the market space, Generac sought to introduce a family of products offering best in class features, all in an accelerated time frame.

"We constructed multi-million dollar laboratories, focusing on engineering transfer switches," said Erik Wilde, executive vice president industrial - Americas, Generac Power Systems. "These facilities, gave us the ability to innovate and iterate quickly, driving optimized solutions at an accelerated pace, allowing us to introduce a rich product line at a competitive price."

The transfer switches are available in contactor type, which are double-throw and interlocked with an over-center design to ensure safe, positive transfer between power sources. A modular design with removable back, top and bottom plates makes installation and mounting easy, and it can be completed by one person, saving time and money. It also makes replacing a part or sub-system in the event of a desired upgrade, or part failure, quick and simple. Available for sale now are Generac's TX Series 100-400 Amp models.

"Originally, we based a project design around a different switch, but when introduced to the TX Series, we brought it to the engineer and owner," said Matt Edly, senior power solutions consultant, National Power. "The engineer quickly recognized the added features that improved the electrical design and the owner was pleased with the added value to his project."

The TX Series switches are voltage agnostic (excluding the 40 V Delta and 600 V applications). This revolutionary capability means that a switch can operate on any voltage as is required at the site and can be easily configured in the field. Additionally, this means that Generac and our dealers can easily stock these switches to be used in any project irrespective of the voltage. The switches are also UL 1008 certified through ETL and meet all relevant NEC codes. The series of switches all have high withstand and closing ratings (WCR) with optional 3 cycle rating available. The common sizes of 200 Amp and 400 Amp have WCR of 42 kA and 65 kA respectively. Service entrance models are 100% rated to carry full rated current.

A USB port access point makes for easy data retrieval and onsite firmware updates. Built-in battery backup increases switch reliability and reduces switch transition time to an alternate source, with the battery backup able to provide power to the controller for up to 60 minutes in the event of no source availability. NEMA 1 or NEMA 3R enclosures are available for these units.

"I am extremely excited about the launch of this new line of transfer switches," said Patrick Forsythe, executive vice president global engineering, Generac Power Systems. "The delivered product is innovative and market leading, and is the result of decades of experience and years of innovative product development."

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