Uniken Releases a Powerful New Solution for Work From Home Security in the Age of COVID-19

CHATHAM, N.J., May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Uniken releases Work From Home (WFH) network access capability to meet the needs of today's new environment. With companies overnight having to authorize remote access the perils and challenges have become apparent over the last few weeks. VPNs are expensive, cumbersome, draw 100% of a user's traffic into the network, and most importantly create security challenges. Clients using the trusted system access capability of REL-ID Desktop asked us to broaden the capability for remote access and we have!! Introducing REL-ID WFH. Your seriously simple, seriously secure solution for WFH - security, simplicity and segregation of traffic to reduce your costs and risks.

Unlike traditional, perimeter-based security systems, Uniken's REL-ID WFH solution relies on user verification and device identity to grant role-based access to applications, with all traffic secured using an individualized, encrypted network connection. Built on REL-ID's invisible, mutual multi-factor authentication, the REL-ID WFH solution ensures that all authentication is multi-factor and phishing proof, without introducing any third-party authenticators or additional user friction. REL-ID WFH not only supports secure remote access to corporate internet and intranet web applications, it also provides access to sensitive IT and corporate applications that require server (SSH), remote desktop, or desktop client access. With Role Based Access Control (RBAC), REL-ID WFH provides organizations granular control over who has access to what, and can integrate with your existing Active Directory to provide consistent compliance with corporate policies.

"Employees in today's pandemic environment can now only access sensitive corporate resources from home - sometimes with their personal computer. REL-ID WFH provides the perfect balance of exceptional security, ease-of-use, and individual privacy. REL-ID WFH can be easily installed by remote workers themselves without the need for IT to install certificates or remotely access the worker's personal device," said Bimal Gandhi CEO of Uniken.

With REL-ID's MITM-proof secure channel, organizations don't have to worry about the implications of inadequately secured home Wi-Fi. Furthermore, unlike most corporate VPNs, REL-ID WFH splits the traffic at the computer itself, only sending corporate traffic to the proxy running within the corporate network, and letting personal traffic go straight out to the internet without entering the corporate network. This provides remote workers the privacy they need while preventing the bandwidth of the corporate network from getting overwhelmed.

Get seriously simple, seriously secure WFH access that 100% of your workforce will love - especially your CISO, CIO, and CFO. Contact us for more information and a demo at WFH@uniken.com. As a commitment to the global community we live in during these difficult times, we are waiving all license charges for REL-ID WFH for the balance of 2020.

About Uniken
Uniken is a pioneer in the field of cybersecurity. Uniken's flagship product REL-ID is an advanced, first-of-its-kind, security platform that secures connections between users and businesses while taking fraud to zero. REL-ID effectively protects users, enterprises and the entire ecosystem from a wide variety of risks such as identity attacks, device attacks, and network attacks. Uniken has protected 70m+ users, 5.5bn interactions and $8.2tn with zero data or dollars lost. For its pioneering products, Uniken has received various awards and recognition including Gartner Cool Vendor in Identity and Access Management (2018) and Forrester Now Tech Industry Leader in Authentication Management Solutions (2018) and most recently (2019) the Frost & Sullivan Identity & Access Management Technology Innovation Award.

Headquartered in the USA, with offices in India, Mexico, Kenya, UK, Spain, Hong Kong and Singapore. Opening shortly in Dubai and Australia.

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