Firetrust Introduces World's Fastest Virtual Private Network (VPN) Software for Windows PCs: 'HideAway VPN'

CHRISTCHURCH, New Zealand, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Firetrust recently announced the official launch of its newest software innovation: HideAway VPN. HideAway is a super-fast virtual private network (VPN) that improves upon and reinvents standard VPN technology by adding flexible rules, much faster speeds, and an "Always-On" capability. HideAway has been extensively tested against competitors with speed tests indicating it is twice as fast, having reached a top speed of 3.7Gbps. Currently for Windows, HideAway will rollout Android, Mac and Linux versions over the coming months. HideAway is available for purchase, and is offering a one-week free trial.

"The speed tests for our HideAway VPN are absolutely conclusive, and we invite programmers and customers alike to check out the data," said Firetrust CEO, Nick Bolton. "All VPNs say they're fast, but the fact that HideAway VPN was consistently twice as fast in all tests shows its dominance. Our testing included speed tests to servers in New Zealand, Australia, the U.S., the U.K., and Germany - all using one-gigabit connection speeds. Tests were conducted using Microsoft Windows 10 and speed test software, and during the one-gigabit speed test, HideAway consistently reached speeds above 650 Mbps. That's six-times faster than the speed of some competitors. No matter which software we tested, HideAway is always consistently faster."

HideAway's full speed-test methodology and conclusions may be reviewed HERE.

HideAway: The Benefits of a VPN

The HideAway VPN camouflages a computer location by making it appear as if a user's computer is located in another city or country. HideAway's VPN encryption allows users to go online anytime, while hiding their IP addresses, and ensures data is secure from snooping by ISPs or threats from hackers. HideAway has been specifically engineered for speed, using only the fastest servers and the same fast encryption technology developed by Google Services. Other features include:

    --  Access favorite websites and streaming videos from a variety of
        different platforms and countries.
    --  No need to connect or disconnect. HideAway is always turned on,
        reassuring users that the VPN protection is up and running at all times.
    --  HideAway is two to seven times faster than other VPNs, using
        international high-speed servers and with absolutely no data limits.
    --  HideAway is available for unlimited devices with a single annual
    --  HideAway allows websites and software to be routed to other locations.
    --  For the latest news and updates about HideAway, follow the Firetrust
        blog. Or follow the company on social media: Facebook, Twitter.

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For over two decades, Firetrust has been a market leader in internet security software, well-known for its user-friendly simplicity that requires minimal technical expertise. In addition to the highly popular MailWasher software series, which allows users to take greater control over their email, Firetrust now offers the lightning-fast HideAway VPN. Routinely providing reasonably priced products matched with top-quality support, all Firetrust products are backed by generous refund policies and the Firetrust guarantee: No adware, spyware or 3(rd)-party software included. Learn more at:

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