Guardhat Partners with FireHUD to Bring Advanced Exertion Monitoring to the Workforce

DETROIT, May 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Guardhat, a leader in the smart industrial safety industry, today announced that it has partnered with Atlanta-based startup FireHUD, Inc., a provider of biometric monitoring to prevent overexertion on the worksite.

"Guardhat's ultimate goal is to better protect the industrial workforce with advanced safety insight," said Rony RoyChoudhury, Executive Vice President of Growth at Guardhat. "FireHUD hit the ground running, and their technology brings real-time biometric monitoring to our KYRA platform. We want to align our mission and enter the market jointly, greatly expanding the number of ways in which we can monitor and protect individuals working the most demanding careers."

The FireHUD BioTrac Platform is a real-time monitoring system that tracks the physiology of individuals through an arm-worn device. The device measures biometrics such as heart rate, core body temperature, exertion, distance traveled and calories burned to provide a personalized profile for predicting exertion levels.

By integrating FireHUD monitoring with Guardhat's KYRA platform, users will now have a more holistic view of the worksite, including the ability to receive and send instant alerts in the event of a fall, exposure to toxic gases, lockout zones, proximity to moving equipment, and much more.

"We are incredibly excited to work with Guardhat," said Zack Braun, FireHUD's CEO. "Their KYRA platform allows us to easily integrate our real-time physiological monitoring solution into their system in on-premise or cloud scenarios. Ultimately, allowing our complementary solutions to usher in a new era of safety for workers in the most extreme environments."

Guardhat's agreement with FireHUD is the latest in a series of partnerships that demonstrate KYRA's ability to integrate with nearly any type wearable technology. It boasts a growing list of global solution providers including DuPont Sustainable Solutions, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM and Qualcomm Technologies.

"During development, we knew that we needed a platform that could easily enhance and integrate with newly developed wearable technology," Rony continued. "To see this come to life with companies like FireHUD has been extremely rewarding. We look forward to continuing the momentum and becoming the industrial and biotech platform of choice for all wearables."

Guardhat currently holds eight patents across the areas of Connect Worker, Real Time Location Systems and Wearable Solutions and was named the Frost & Sullivan 2019 North America Company of the Year for its Connected PPE Worker Safety Solutions.

The FireHUD platform has already been implemented in select Air Force bases and First Responder units across the US, allowing personnel to better monitor the real-time health of their team.

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About Guardhat

Detroit-based Guardhat is a leading industrial IoT technology company specialized in developing wearables, infrastructure and software platforms to provide a safer and more productive work environment for frontline industrial workers in heavy manufacturing industries. Founded in October 2014 by industry veterans and former steel & mining CEO Saikat Dey, Guardhat's mission is to modernize safety and enhance last mile connectivity in the industrial workplace. By combining a cutting-edge, wearable technology with advanced proprietary software, Guardhat is able to proactively monitor a user's location, health and work environment. The software platform collects and analyzes on-the-job data which is used to enhance industrial worker safety and productivity programs. Based out of its headquarters in Detroit, Michigan, Guardhat operates globally with offices in Boulder, Colorado; Chicago, Illinois; Bangalore, India; and Paris, France. Guardhat holds 8 patents across areas of Connected Worker, Real Time Location Systems and Wearable Solutions. For more information, visit:

About FireHUD

FireHUD is a technology company that provides easy-to-use, group physiological monitoring to first responders, the military, and industrial workers. FireHUD aims to make jobs safer with new technology and improved situational awareness. Through the collection of critical biometric markers such as heart rate and core body temperature, FireHUD uses machine learning to create personalized profiles that predict exertion levels for all group members and provides real-time alerts in order to prevent injuries and deaths. FireHUD has received funding from the National Science Foundation and the US Air Force to accelerate development of its IoT platform. For more information, visit:

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