RizePoint User, Regency, Experiences Huge Benefits from RizePoint Solutions: Tools Elevate Protocols, Demonstrate Safety Compliance, Help Employees & Customers Feel Safe in New Post-COVID World

SALT LAKE CITY, May 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- RizePoint, a software as a service solution and industry technology leader in the safety, quality management, compliance, and social responsibility space, is helping businesses mitigate COVID-19-related risks and implement dramatically elevated cleaning and safety protocols. RizePoint customer, Regency, a pet service company, said RizePoint's tools have been tremendously beneficial during this unprecedented crisis.

Regency, an essential business, has remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many other companies nationwide, Regency has elevated their cleaning and safety protocols to reduce risk for employees and customers.

"We've been successfully using RizePoint's solutions to manage and monitor our new, enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols based on CDC guidelines. As we've transitioned to new processes in this post-coronavirus world, we're now requiring staff to complete more steps and tasks than they're used to, acting more rigorously and cleaning more frequently," said Scott Buttz, COO of Regency.

Buttz said that RizePoint's solutions offer many significant benefits, helping their team:

    --  Manage cleanliness, safety, and health of employees and customers.
    --  Implement protocols, train staff, provide reminders, and reinforce their
        new standard operating procedures more easily.
    --  Determine where support is needed and where supplies are low.
    --  Identify critical areas of non-compliance, using two different audits,
        and ensure corrections are addressed immediately.
    --  Share best practices from single locations across the organization.
    --  Empower all staff members to share responsibilities, learn the new
        protocols, and take ownership for elevating safety practices.

"RizePoint's solutions have been instrumental during the crisis and will remain critical as we recover from it. We're using these tools to communicate our compliance with COVID-19 protocols and reassure our employees and customers that they're safe here. This is essential to bringing customers back, serving as a competitive differentiation, and helping the business grow," Buttz continued. "Additionally, this has been a great teambuilding and management-staff bonding experience. Everyone is working together like never before to address COVID-19, using our toolset and their passion to stay safe as an essential business."

"The COVID-19 crisis has changed the way we do business over the long haul. Every company will need to dramatically elevate their cleaning and sanitizing protocols and ensure that all employees are trained and compliant in following them. This impacts businesses across all industries -- food service, hospitality, retail, healthcare, pet care, travel, and more," explained Dean Wiltse, CEO of RizePoint. "RizePoint is offering proven, best-in-class solutions and resources to help companies adapt to our new normal and remain resilient, strong, and safe."

RizePoint offers the leading mobile auditing application in the marketplace, which is helping companies worldwide adjust to the drastic changes in this post-COVID world. RizePoint's best-in-class solution is complete, comprehensive, and user-friendly, helping companies:

    --  Train staff on the new safety precautions implemented due to coronavirus
        and reinforce proper behaviors.
    --  Audit and track activities to ensure compliance.
    --  Aggregate audit and checklist data across all locations and business
    --  Use multi-level reporting by location, region, and corporation to ensure
    --  Reassure employees and customers about the safety and cleanliness of
        their venues through transparency about their elevated protocols.

RizePoint seamlessly integrates these new, post-COVID processes into companies' standard operating procedures. RizePoint's proven solution:

    --  Can quickly and easily be set-up, allowing organizations to be up and
        running in every location in two days or less.
    --  Is built using the language companies already use.
    --  Doesn't change or disrupt normal business practices but instead enhances
        and supplements what businesses are already doing.
    --  Fits specific needs, including fully operational businesses and
        businesses working to return to normal business levels.

RizePoint is introducing three levels of their proven solutions, including free access to the online/offline mobile application, as well as complimentary access to COVID-19-related forms, reports, and auditing tools, all reviewed and endorsed by food safety leader, Savvy Food Safety. Additional options include programs designed for use in specific industries and a fully customizable enterprise-level solution. For more information on these options, visit https://rizepoint.com/mobile-auditor-covid-19-free-use/.

For more about how Regency is benefitting from RizePoint's solutions, please watch this video: https://rizepoint.com/regency-covid-19-use-case/.

About RizePoint

RizePoint, headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT, offers a quality management software solution that helps companies keep brand promises through their quality, safety, and compliance efforts. Customers gather better data, see necessary actions earlier, and act faster to correct issues before they become costly liabilities. The company serves the food, hospitality, and retail industries with a robust mobile auditing tool and a cloud-based platform that automates quality management systems and supplier quality management programs. RizePoint works with the most prestigious brands in the world, including Starbucks, McDonald's, L Brands, and Marriott, supporting them on a variety of safety and compliance activities. For more information, visit https://rizepoint.com/.

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