TouchSource Introduces New Contactless Suite of Solutions for Social Distancing in the Workplace

DENVER, May 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As cities and states around the country announce different strategies to reopen the economy, property managers, human resource teams, and facilities managers are scrambling to understand let alone meet the new requirements. This new era of office safety and protective health measures requires a new set of tools to enable office agility and safety.

TouchSource, the leader in smart digital displays and solutions, has led the industry in offering contactless directories, property content and messaging. As an industry innovator, we've enabled on-the-go Wayfinding long before any others for a great in-building experience.

Today, we're announcing our latest innovation--the TouchSource Contactless Suite of solutions including a new mobile-enabled interactive directory. Our fully interactive applications allow visitors to seamlessly see and scan information from digital displays to mobile phones. Deliver highly visual, digital information that keeps pace with rapid messaging changes in any location at a safe distance, and also let visitors scan that information to their personal mobile device. This extends TouchSource contactless, personal solutions without sacrificing interactivity or the added cost and hassle of developing stand-alone apps.

"The TouchSource team feels a strong responsibility to help our customers solve new problems that have emerged from the global coronavirus pandemic," said TouchSource CEO, Ajay Kapoor. "That's why we provided excess inventory to healthcare organizations for free. Looking at the 'road to re-opening', we felt we could do more. In record time, we've researched and designed innovative applications of our solutions to help our customers and partners adapt and deploy digital signage for all-new uses within their offices, mixed-use spaces and multi-family properties."

This extension digital directories to a relevant, interactive and easy mobile solution gives property managers a quick way to pivot in the face of post-COVID facility management needs. TouchSource's Contactless Suite of solutions for the new normal include: contactless visitor management; shift management solutions for production facilities; social distancing workspace schedule boards; live video remote monitoring of lobbies and spaces from your directory; camera-based density analytics for social distance monitoring; contactless messaging boards; and contactless retail solutions.

"At TouchSource, we believe that rapid, relentless innovation is a foundation for the great service. We strive to contribute in a meaningful way to help our customers operate a little easier and feel a little safer. As our economy reopens, we will continue to deliver innovations to help where we can."

TouchSource has offered a full range of software applications for digital displays and signage, including directories, kiosks, wayfinding maps, digital art, messaging boards, and outdoor signage for over 30 years. The new set of solutions fit in a world shaken by the global pandemic and create the agility needed for enterprises to operate in a dramatically changed world.

Christine Viera, TouchSource | | Lafayette, CO

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TouchSource Contactless Suite of Digital Displays & Directories
Share information contactlessly in your office with fast updates to communications and building directories at a safe social distance.

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