New report shows consumers want privacy, are unaware of new data privacy regulations

NEW YORK, May 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- While 89% of consumers say data privacy is important, more than half (55%) are unaware of any data privacy regulation, according to a new study by Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification. In the past two decades, the ability to collect consumer data online has revolutionized the field of digital advertising, but new privacy regulations in the US and worldwide have begun to restrict certain targeting strategies. To find out more, IAS surveyed 1,093 US consumers on their perceptions of targeted digital advertising practices and data collection.

A majority of consumers say they are taking responsibility for securing their data; 53% of consumers hold themselves most accountable for keeping their personal information secure, with only 36% holding websites and apps most responsible, and just 10% holding the government most accountable. More than half of consumers have taken action to help limit data collection when they are online, such as clearing their browser history or using a private or "incognito" window. Just 39% responded that they have used an ad-blocker while browsing online.

"Traditional methods of reaching consumers might be limited by new privacy legislation and shifting consumer preferences, but strategic advertising doesn't end there," IAS Chief Marketing Officer Tony Marlow said. "Context matters. Targeting based on context is an innovative solution to current market conditions, and it's what consumers prefer. Advertisers have a real opportunity to make an impact without sacrificing specificity."

The report also found that when it comes to preferences, consumers are most receptive to contextual targeting (such as an ad for baking supplies on a cooking website) over behavioral, audience, location, or social targeting. As privacy legislation and consumer actions accelerate a shift in targeting strategies, innovative advertising strategies like contextual targeting based on the categories, sentiment, or emotion of the page will be prioritized by marketers. Enabling contextual advertising will allow advertisers to adjust to the evolving landscape while engaging consumers in appropriate environments.

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