Privacy Ref Offers Free Privacy Training for Non-Privacy Professionals

DELRAY BEACH, Fla., April 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Privacy Ref announced plans to conduct a free half day training targeted at the non-Privacy professionals in your organization. Every individual who works at a company that handles any personal customer data is at some level a "privacy professional" and needs to understand the implications of how that data is managed. Training these individuals is often a lower priority activity but failing to train them has the potential for serious, if inadvertent, negative impact. Privacy Ref is offering a free training that can address this concern and take this item off your worry list. This makes a great use of time while work-from-home requirements are in place.

Privacy Ref has been training individuals on privacy since 2013 and have continued to provide subject matter expertise through training and consulting efforts. This is just their most recent effort to educate employees of all types about the proper handling of client data to comply with the many privacy laws in effect.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from availing themselves of Privacy Ref's training expertise. The Senior Counsel for Privacy of a well-known non-profit noted, "We were impressed with their attention to detail on the training materials. They addressed all of our comments and were not willing to release until we were satisfied."

Training Details

The four-hour training will be delivered by Privacy Ref's Director of Training Operations, Ben Siegel, on April 15 at 9:00am ET. To register, please see the Introductory Training page on our website.

Privacy Ref provides consulting services aimed at helping businesses develop and implement privacy policies, procedures, and technology to address regulations and employ best practices for handling customer data. Privacy Ref focuses on aligning privacy practices with clients' organizational and operational goals through assessment, consulting, coaching, and privacy training services. We offer tailored solutions, design and implement data privacy programs or enhance existing ones, drawing on our experience and industry best practices. Privacy Ref consultants develop effective processes that minimize disruption to everyday operations, creating custom privacy programs unique to your goals and business needs. We offer one of the most cost-effective approaches to addressing privacy requirements.

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