Free Personal Protective Equipment Verification Now Available

HONG KONG, May 7, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The high demand for personal protective gear creates a market of uncertainty around the quality of medical equipment such as masks and gloves. DB Research, through their website PPE Database, hopes to solve this problem. DB Research has been evaluating Chinese manufacturers for years; this knowledge gives them an advantage in helping companies verify PPE products. Furthermore, DB Research reaches areas other companies can't. They check all documents through their extensive database and use their long-running understanding of manufacturing and certification processes, giving clients peace of mind after the verification process is complete.

Through the verification of all personal protective equipment, DB Research seeks to help all essential workers and organizations simplify their ordering process and relieve clients of any fears regarding the legitimacy of their purchased medical supplies, making sure that our essential workers stay safe and protected. This assurance includes a consistently updated database, a free-to-use website, and a free document check to analyze the accuracy and legitimacy of the supplier's credentials.

With over 2,500 verified products and almost 15,000 documents checked through the PPE Database, DB Research LLC is here to help your company feel secure when purchasing any protective gear. To eliminate your risk of being scammed or to see how to keep your frontline workers safe, please visit

DB Research LLC is based out of Bloomfield Hills, MI and is driven to assist companies in purchasing certified and verifiable personal protection equipment made in China. Through long term industry contacts, DB Research is capable of weeding out fake and scammed products. For more information, contact DB Research at