New Book "Bye-Bye Back Pain" Now Available on Amazon

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Grace Walker Gray's first book, Bye-Bye Back Pain: 9 Holistic Solutions for Relief from Sciatica, Lumbago, Slipped Disc, and Backache is now available on today in both Kindle and paperback versions, followed by hardback and audiobook versions in June.

After experiencing excruciating low back pain herself, and treating over eleven-thousand clients with low back pain in her practice, Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center in Orange, CA, Dr. Grace Walker Gray sets out to share holistic options to help people with low back pain and sciatica.

"Dr. Walker Gray relates engaging stories and useful photos and graphics. It is a must-read for patients and therapists alike."
- Hal Shimazu, MD, Board Certified in Family Medicine, Clinical Professor of Medicine, University of California, Irvine

In Bye-Bye Back Pain you will discover:

    --  Five do's and four don'ts for back pain sufferers
    --  Twelve pain-reducing and core-strengthening exercises (and how to do
        them correctly)
    --  Three active sit disc exercises to do at a desk to improve balance, core
        strengthening, and posture. If you work at a computer, you are going to
        love these!
    --  Posture fixes and correct techniques for daily activities such as
        dressing, doing yard work, and laundry
    --  The best professional treatments and self-treatments for back pain
    --  What to eat to reduce your reliance on medication
    --  The role of aromatherapy and essential oils in reducing back pain
    --  Low-level laser treatments
    --  The potential benefits of applying Cannabidiol oil
    --  Mindfulness techniques you can use during daily activity

"Authored in a most engaging way to address everyday challenges of living with back problems, whether you're a patient, a physician, a therapist, or a healthy individual who would like to sustain a healthy body."
- Dr. Reza Karkia, President, American Institute of Higher Education Resources (AIHER) and former Commissioner, State of California Healthy Policy and Data Advisory.

Dr. Walker Gray says, "Ever since I can remember, I have searched for ways to be of service. I am now genuinely excited to present my compilation of techniques, exercises, and client education that have become the keys to long lasting success in reducing low back pain and sciatica."

"Anyone with lower back pain will benefit from this straightforward, easy-to-read, how-to book!"
- Clarke Smith, MD, FAAFP

About Dr. Grace Walker Gray

Dr. Grace Walker Gray is a graduate of the University of British Columbia as a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, and she holds the following certifications from The Natural Healing Institute in Encinitas, CA: Holistic Healthcare Practitioner, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Master of Herbology, and Certified Aromatherapist. For over thirty-five years she owned a physical therapy practice where she and her staff successfully treated over eleven thousand people for back pain using both traditional and holistic solutions. Now retired, she lives in California with her husband and golden retriever.

Bye-Bye Back Pain is available in paperback, Kindle and audiobook versions | 186 pages

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