SafeCheck Debuts New Walk Through Infrared Body Temperature Detector

MIAMI, May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- SafeCheck today announced the availability of its SafeCheck Walk Through Body Temperature Detector. SafeCheck instantly reads the body temperature of the person walking through it--enabling detection of fever that might indicate contagion from COVID 19 or other illnesses. The device has the potential to improve public health, which is particularly relevant during the global Coronavirus pandemic.

"The reality of American life right now, and probably well into the future, is that we are going to have to be vigilant about protecting the public from contagious conditions like COVID 19," said a spokesperson for SafeCheck. "A rapid temperature scanner is an ideal solution for keeping people safe while avoiding inconvenience." A fever is one of the most significant and easily detected symptoms of COVID 19 sickness.

Airports and other public venues are starting to adopt temperature screenings as a safety measure, but right now, they are doing temperature readings manually. This is slow and potentially risky to the people taking the readings. SafeCheck solves both of these problems. SafeCheck can screen 70 people per minute. A person being screened places his or her wrists two to three inches away from an infrared sensor. The device displays their temperature on an LED screen on top of the machine. If the temperature falls outside the normal range of 97 to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, the machine will automatically issue an alert. The alert can be a visual or sound alarm.

As an accurate, non-contact infrared (IR) temperature sensing system featuring an "all-terrain" design, SafeCheck improves the efficiency of detection and clearance of contagious people in highly crowded areas. It's harmless to the human body. SafeCheck is suitable for retail spaces, municipal buildings, schools and more. The device is lightweight and user friendly.

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