Ekinops First Commercial Win for the Newly Acquired OTN Switching Technology

PARIS, May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Ekinops (Euronext Paris: EKI) (ISIN: FR0011466069), a leading supplier of optical transport equipment and router solutions for service providers and telecom operators announces its first OTN switch customer, finalizing a deal with a major provider of telecommunication and digital solutions in EMEA.


"This is a significant win and represents a major milestone in the evolution of Ekinops as a company," said Francois Xavier Ollivier, Ekinops' co-founder and Chief Operating Officer for optical transport. "It demonstrates our ability to bring new technologies to market quickly as well as the value we add for our customers through acquisitions."

The Ekinops Transport Switch (ETS) is being used to upgrade an existing optical transport network from 10G to 100G using a two-phase approach by first optimizing and simplifying the operations of existing 10G services before migrating the network to 100G.

The customer's existing fiber optic network is used to transport sub-1Gbps to 10Gbps services between Europe and Asia primarily connecting global financial centers. Extending from the Chinese border to Russia and Europe and using diverse routes across its service territory, the network provides highly reliable and resilient connectivity between the two continents. High demand across this network has made the providers current operational model, largely dependent on manual reconfiguration of circuits and fiber connections, obsolete and has resulted in large amounts of stranded capacity.

Ekinops ETS platform was selected to improve the velocity of its service delivery and scalability of its fiber connections. The Ekinops ETS is a metro/core Optical Transport Networking (OTN) switch that allows service providers to automate their service provisioning and delivery processes resulting in significantly decreased service delivery times while eliminating the risk of manual re-cabling efforts. With multi-terabit switch capacity, the ETS platform efficiently aggregates and grooms high volumes of traffic from 1 Gbps to 100 Gbps to optimize the use of existing fiber capacity and avoiding the need to deploy new fiber just to keep up with demand.

During the first phase of the project, the service provider will create a mesh architecture that will interconnect all of its 10G interfaces to support traffic without any physical change in the core network. Phase two will entail deploying the 100G interfaces already available on the same line cards giving the service provider the control to upgrade on an as-needed basis and avoid having to make a full capital commitment upfront.

Using Celestis® NMS, Ekinops advanced network management system, the entire network can be monitored and managed from a single location. The power of Celestis NMS has been extended to the ETS platform allowing the provider to perform its upgrade remotely, saving the time and expense of sending technicians to each location.

"The ETS platform was developed using the technology acquired in July 2019, a turnaround time of less than six months from acquisition to finished product which is a tremendous achievement for a company of any size" added Francois Xavier Ollivier. "We are quite proud as this project will enable our customer to increase their system capacity by a factor of ten."

The provider chose Ekinops over two of the leading global transport vendors not only because it best met project objectives, but also because of Ekinops' strong record of services and ability to provide dedicated local support.

More information on OTN switching can be found on the Ekinops website.


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