How to Seek Happiness Even When You Are Stuck at Home

NEW YORK, May 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Morgan James' new book release, 3D of Happiness: Pleasure, Meaning & Spirituality Based on Science, Philosophy & Personal Experience by Dr. Necati Aydin follows one man's journey as he searches for true happiness. 3D of Happiness was written for anyone struggling to find a lasting source of happiness in their lives. It shows how to become happier even when you are stuck at home.

3D of Happiness covers a personal and scientific journey of searching for happiness through pleasure, meaning, and spirituality. It is the story of a former shepherd, Necati Aydin, who was at the bottom 1% of the world's population, living in complete poverty and deprivation. He managed to acquire two Ph.D.s and climbed to the top 1% in terms of possessions and position. Nonetheless, he failed to achieve happiness along the way.

The author shares his journey of having, doing, being, and loving which turned out to be a vicious cycle of deprivation, emulation, accomplishment, and disappointment. Inside, he shares a powerful message through the story of a youth who lived in poverty and only tasted a banana for the first time while attending college but lost the pleasure of this taste when he was able to purchase whatever he desired. Ultimately, he reveals his success in finally discovering three dimensions of happiness through a converging path of science, philosophy, and spirituality.

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"The book is a spiritual mind-twisting yet fitting puzzles next to each other. I feel like being in the movie inception in looking at daily life events in a twisted angle. The simplicity of explaining the complex matter shows a pure genius mind. Very BOLD." Al Whiterose

"Dr.Aydin shares his personal stories all the way from childhood to his zenith of a career with a wonderful blending of his scholarly knowledge and personal experiences to answer the question of how to have genuine happiness." Caroline

"The author has an unpretentious forgiving style that makes the book difficult not to like. The book provides thoughts on the personal perspective of the author as he pursues success and happiness in his personal and professional life from a spiritual, philosophical, and scientific perspective." Asma

"Although many books have since antiquity examined the meaning of happiness, in my judgment, no other book is as provocative and intellectually mesmerizing as 3D of Happiness." Maha

"When I read 'rich dad poor dad', I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today, I read "3D of HAPPINESS", I'm wiser, I'm changing myself." Enis

"3D of Happiness makes clear that you can not reach lasting happiness through wealth, success, fame, fun, and love. It argues that higher happiness is possible through moving to the higher dimensions of happiness." Omar

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