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The strength of Bolidt, which was founded in 1964, is developing, producing and applying thermosetting synthetics. Bolidt synthetic systems can be found in the form of industrial flooring, ship decks, sport flooring and wearing courses in road construction and in commercial and industrial buildings. These systems meet the specific mechanical, chemical, electrical and aesthetic demands of the market.

While employing their own application teams, Bolidt carries out a wide variety of projects all over the world. Their customers are mainly companies, which operate on a local and international level, contractors and governments.

The main aim is to strengthen the position in domestic market while structurally increasing market shares abroad through marketing 250 flooring systems in a modern way and through entering in strategic alliances.

•(Petro)chemical industry
•Heavy and metal industry
•Electronics and high-tech
•Pharmaceutical industry
•Garage business
•Graphic and paper industry
•Car industry

•Meat and fish industry
•(Soft) drinks industry
•(Industrial) catering
•Dairy industry

Public buildings
•School, offices
•Theatres, museums
•Distribution centres and retail business
•Stations, platforms, metro
•Car parks, road surface heating

•Bridges and crossover
•(High-speed) railways, crane ways
•Roads, runaways and platforms

•Outdoor sports
•Indoor sports

•Cattle carriers
•High performance yachts


All over the world Bolidt carries brands that are a household name in the industry. For the user every trade name has a specific meaning that is indelible.

Bolidtop, (industrial) flooring systems
A range of flooring systems which differ in mechanical, chemical and electrical properties

Bolidtan, sport systems
Sport flooring, athletic tracks and indoor and outdoor fitness applications

Bolideck, deck systems
Flexible deck finishing systems suitable for both luxurious and very functional offshore applications

Boligrip and Bolidrain, wearing courses
Wearing courses for bridges, roofs, rooftop car parks and ramps

Bolicoat, coating systems
Very economical andfunctional synthetic solutions

Bolidtop Stato, conductive/dissipative flooring systems
The adjustable electrical values of this series allows a controlled discharge of static electricity

Bolidtop E.Io, low charge flooring systems
This type of flooring prevents a person from being electrically charged (BVG) in order to minimize static electricity

Bolidtop design, sensational flooring systems
Because of its unique system properties Bolidtop Design can be fashioned to meet any imagination and contributes to a more pleasant living climate, work atmosphere and shopping environment.

Bolicast, casting compounds
Synthetic resin bound casting compounds for the purpose of levelling, gluing and grouting

Bolidtop Z.OK
Wearing courses for bridges; a modern replacement for asphalt

Bolirail, rail fixations
These casting compounds are applied as rail fixations and rail dampers specifically for trains and trams

Successful Projects

Bolidt has recently been involved in successful projects throughout the world.

A number of famous names are:


  • Ahold – The Netherlands – Distribution centres and retail business
  • ASM Europe – The Netherlands – Electronics and high-tech
  • Barco Graphics – The Czech Republic – Electronics and high-tech
  • Glaxo Wellcome – Germany – Pharmaceutical industry
  • Groundfoss – Denmark – Heavy and metal industry
  • Heineken – Greece – (Soft) drinks industry
  • Schalke 04 – Germany – Public Buildings

North America

  • GAP – USA – Distribution centres and retail business

Bolidt Synthetic Products & Systems B.V.

  • Nijverheidsweg 37, 3341 LJ, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, The Netherlands
  • +31 78 684 54 44
  • +31 78 684 54 00
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