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BANGALORE, India, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- A brain computer interface is a computer-based program that acquires, analyzes, and converts brain signals into commands transmitted to an output device to perform the desired action. Any type of brain signal can, in principle, be used to monitor a BCI device.

The global brain computer interface (BCI) market size was estimated at USD 1.36 Billion in 2019 and is expected to reach USD3.85 Billion by 2027, rising at a 14.3% CAGR from 2020 to 2027.

Some of the major factors driving the BCI market are numerous technological advances in the field of human-machine sensing, application of BCI technology in entertainment, gaming and communication & control, increased use of BCI technology in the healthcare sector.

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Based on global revenue, the report lists the major players in the regions and their market share, respectively. This study also analyses the effect of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) on the Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Market.


    --  The growing prevalence of neurodegenerative disorders such as
        Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease and epilepsy are expected to boost
        the brain computer interface market size during the forecast period.
        According to a study from the WHO, by 2030, about 82 million people
        would be affected by dementia, and it will reach 152 million by 2050.
        This indicates the potential demand for BCI in the years to come.
    --  Brain computer interface technology is increasingly being used in both
        the smartphone and virtual gaming industries by incorporating BCI into
        headsets for virtual reality ( VR). Digital gaming has opened a range of
        new possibilities for mind-controlled headsets and accessories, further
        pushing brain-controlled interface technology to be adopted.
    --  Clinical studies, research institutes, and government agencies have
        expanded their assistance through acquisitions, funds, and grants that
        have encouraged research efforts to improve the use of brain computer
        interfaces. The need for biocompatible materials would also expand the
        use of brain computer interface. The lack of skilled technicians to
        manage these complex devices is, however, a factor limiting this market
        's growth.
    --  With its high precision and reliability, Brain user interface systems
        are optimally suited for operating smart home applications. Home control
        systems include the application of a P300-based technology-an
        event-related potential aspect that helps in decision-making-for the
        purpose of performing various activities such as opening and closing
        doors, turning on and off the lights, controlling the TV set and music
        system etc.,. The aforementioned factors are expected to increase the
        brain computer interface market size during the forecast period.

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    --  North America's market accounted for the largest brain computer
        interface market share in 2019, which was about 42.3 percent. The
        largest share is due to the increasing incidence of neurodegenerative
        disorders coupled with the increasing prevalence of virtual gaming.
    --  The Asia Pacific will have the highest growth rate over the forecast
        period. Increasing disposable revenue and low-cost production sites are
        expected to drive the Asia Pacific market share during the forecast
    --  Healthcare was the biggest revenue-generating category in 2019 based on
        demand. The use of BCI technology to treat sleeping disorders,
        Alzheimer's disease, and Parkinson's disease is a key factor
        contributing to the growth of Brain computer interface market share in
        the healthcare segment.
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Brain Computer Interface Market By Type

    --  Invasive
    --  Non-invasive
    --  Partially invasive

Brain Computer Interface Market By Application

    --  Healthcare
    --  Communication & control
    --  Entertainment & gaming
    --  Smart home control
    --  Others.

Brain Computer Interface Market By Region

North America

    --  U.S.
    --  Canada


    --  UK
    --  Germany
    --  France
    --  Italy
    --  Rest of Europe


    --  China
    --  India
    --  Japan
    --  Australia
    --  Rest of Asia-Pacific


    --  Latin America
    --  Middle East
    --  Africa

Key Market Players

    --  Advanced Brain Monitoring, Inc.
    --  Cadwell Industries, Inc.
    --  OpenBCI
    --  Cortech Solutions, Inc.
    --  NeuroSky
    --  Emotiv
    --  G.tec medical engineering GmbH
    --  Natus Medical Incorporated
    --  Integra LifeSciences
    --  Others.

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? Covid-19 Impact on Global Brain Computer Interface Technology Market

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