proteanTecs Announces Live Webinar on 2.5D Packaging Failure Prevention based on Deep Data Monitoring

HAIFA, Israel, May 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- proteanTecs, an innovative company spearheading the future of Electronics Visibility, announced today a new webinar event as part of its 2020 Webinar Series. The live webinar titled: "2.5D Packages: How to Monitor Today So They Don't Fail Tomorrow" will be held on May 20 at 12pm EST.

By registering to this free webinar, attendees will learn how to mitigate the complexities of 2.5D packaging as they continue to develop. The operation concept of an emerging approach to High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) reliability, based on chip telemetry, will be discussed. Results from a GUC HBM2E 3.2Gbps PHY and CoWoS testchip will be presented.

"AI, HPC and Networking require integration of multiple dies", commented Evelyn Landman, proteanTecs's CTO. "But the visibility of heterogeneous packaging is limited in nature, and this is especially true in the interconnects between the SoC and HBM memories where high density prohibits duplicating connectivity. We are proud to introduce a new method for reliability monitoring, based on Deep Data chip telemetry, for DPPM reduction and in-field failure prevention."

Webinar attendees will learn:

    --  About HBM I/O and CoWoS bump quality monitoring in GUC's 7nm and 5nm
        HBM2E PHYs
    --  How accuracy was validated in GUC's 7nm and 5nm HBM2E testchips
    --  How to monitor quality in the field during normal chip operation
    --  How to prevent system operation failure and extend chip lifetime
    --  How to identify marginal IOs and CoWoS bumps via advanced analytics,
        long before HBM interface failure occurs
    --  How repair algorithms replace marginal IOs/ bumps with redundant ones at
        next boot cycle

To register to the live webinar click here.

About the Presenter

Spanning a career of over 30 years, Igor Elkanovich served in technical leadership positions for numerous Semiconductors companies (Broadcom, Infineon, Freescale and others). Today, Igor serves as the CTO of Global Unichip (GUC). He is responsible for driving IP and methodology development using TSMC's advanced silicon process and packaging technology while supervising definition and execution of large-scale projects. His main focus is Networking, AI and HPC applications.

About proteanTecs

proteanTecs develops revolutionary Universal Chip Telemetry(TM) for electronic systems throughout their entire lifecycle, increasing their performance and reliability. By applying machine learning to novel data created by chip-embedded Agents(TM), proteanTecs provides meaningful insights and visibility unattainable until today, leading to new levels of quality, reliability and scale. Founded in 2017, the company is headquartered in Israel with offices in New Jersey and California. For more information, visit:

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