OhmConnect Introduces AutoOhms: For the First Time Ever, Appliances Are Earning Money for California Families

SAN FRANCISCO, May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- OhmConnect, a leading clean energy company, today announced AutoOhms, a program that manages energy use for California residents when demand is high and prices surge. OhmConnect incentivizes timely, smarter energy use through cash payments to consumers. It is now offering AutoOhms as another way to get paid for saving energy. By connecting devices, like smart thermostats and plugs, an AutoOhm will power down energy-intensive appliances in 15-minute increments and residents will earn money without lifting a finger.

AutoOhm and OhmHour Overview

OhmConnect is a free service that gives Californians cash rewards and other prizes for reducing energy consumption during peak demand: primarily weekdays between 5-9pm. The gamified platform is a fun, innovative program where hundreds of thousands of California households earn money by being more conscious of their energy use and its effects on the environment. Now, OhmConnect users can save in two ways: during OhmHours and AutoOhms.

Users can sign up to receive a text message alerting them to an OhmHour, the time when the electrical grid is stressed and their utility is about to switch to dirty fossil-fuel power. When the user powers down during an OhmHour, they're rewarded with cash prizes and reduced utility bills.

In addition to OhmHours, AutoOhms happen automatically when the grid is stressed and needs immediate relief. Through smart devices, AutoOhms enable your home to be grid-responsive: your appliances will adjust their setting or shut off automatically in real-time, when the grid needs it most.

"We want to make smart energy use easy and provide a way for families to make a little extra money. AutoOhms are the way to do that," says Cisco DeVries, CEO of OhmConnect. "Our free platform is the first to enable your home to make better energy choices for you. The beauty of OhmConnect is that everybody wins: users get rewarded for saving energy, the grid uses less fossil-fuel emitting power plants, and together, we get one step closer to a sustainable planet."

OhmConnect is available to any customers of the three major California energy suppliers: Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), Southern California Edison (SCE), and San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E).

Because of the shelter-in-place orders in response to COVID-19, residential energy consumption-and utility bills-are at an all-time high. Whether through OhmHours and/or AutoOhms, California residents will save and earn money at a time of great financial uncertainty.

Other Offerings

Not every family has a smart device or can afford one. To address that, OhmConnect is also rolling out OhmSmart, which offers customers smart device bundles at reduced rates. Residents can pay monthly for the devices and tools that allow their homes to manage their energy use automatically. The modest subscription fee ensures every home can have access to OhmHours and AutoOhms and save money.

MEGA Summer starts June 1, the campaign where energy savings are critical and California residents earn the biggest rewards and weekly prizes. Go to www.ohmconnect.com to sign up.

About OhmConnect
OhmConnect was founded in 2014 with the vision of becoming the world's largest supplier of clean energy. Today, OhmConnect enables hundreds of thousands of customers across the world to reimagine how they use energy, to choose clean-energy over dirty-energy when required, and to be rewarded for timely, smarter, home energy use. OhmConnect pays their users for saving energy when the grid is stressed and fossil-fuel emitting peaker plants are about to turn on to meet demand. Sign up with OhmConnect for free at ohmconnect.com. Follow us on Twitter @OhmConnect, see our OhmConnect Blog, or check us out on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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