ZenSpace Announces Smart Tech Enabled Workspace Solutions, Including Customized Business Lounges and Tech Kit Capabilities

SAN JOSE, Calif., May 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- ZenSpace announced today a variety of on-demand, flexible workspace solutions specifically tailored to meet the changing needs of today's workforce. Enterprises and commercial real estate operators can utilize Zenspace's technology to create an instant business lounge environment for remote workers.

"With the recent COVID-19 crisis, we are seeing a dramatic shift in what a typical office environment looks like," said Mayank Agrawal, CEO and Founder of ZenSpace. "In order to provide the most efficient workspace solutions, as well as prepare for the future of remote capabilities, ZenSpace will offer employers, remote working employees and freelancers the technology and workspaces they need for a productive work environment."

ZenSpace offers the following packages tailored to meet the needs of employers and employees alike:

SmartPod(TM) (Turn-Key Modular Workspaces)
ZenSpace SmartPods are equipped with high-end technology, including smart locks, managed WiFi hotspots, charging plugs, sensors for environmental control and much more. For end users, ZenSpace offers mobile and web-based applications for search, reservations and management.

Instant Flexible Workspace Lounge
ZenSpace offers instant flexible workspace lounges best suited for open spaces between 500 and 2,500 square feet. Each space can be modified to include comfortable seating, printing facilities, coffee and snack machines. Workspace Lounges are ideally suited for shopping malls, multi-family residential complexes, hotel lobbies, airports, convention centers, event facilities, libraries, and more.

WorkSpace Technology Kits (For Existing Workspaces)
ZenSpace offers the option to outfit any workspace with smart technology, modernizing and customizing the space safely for increased productivity. The company also offers a cloud-based workspace listing, reservation and management platform with apps for end users.

ZenSpace lounges and tech kits offer a wide range of a la carte solutions enabling public and private real estate operators to outfit their underutilized open spaces with the latest smart technology, including the world's first fully autonomous SmartPod, which recently debuted at IMEX America (September 2019).

ZenSpace recently partnered with the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara as part of its pilot program showcasing its state-of-the-art SmartPod technology.

About ZenSpace
ZenSpace is an industry pioneer in fully automated, technology-enabled meeting spaces. The first company to combine a technology platform, mobile app and convenient meeting spaces, ZenSpace offers highly flexible, tech-enabled space for conducting business. ZenSpace's SmartPod technology provides a private tech-enabled oasis of calm for on-the-go business professionals, while helping public space venues activate and monetize underutilized real estate on their properties. ZenSpace is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with teams in India.

Contact: Kate Stuard

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