Western Digital Corporation to Help Drive Open Distributed Computing Infrastructure for Connected Vehicles as a Member of the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium

The Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) today announced that leading data infrastructure provider, Western Digital, has joined as a member of the cross-industry group working to drive best practices for the coming vehicle, computing and storage convergence. Western Digital will collaborate with other AECC members including mobile network operators, automotive manufacturers, communication leaders to ensure that new technologies and standards will meet the future needs of the connected vehicle ecosystem.

“Emerging connected vehicle services, such as intelligent driving and high-definition mapping will require the ecosystem to efficiently store, process and deliver an ever-increasing volume of data. As an AECC member, Western Digital will work with the organization’s global member base to find more efficient ways to support the high-volume data and intelligent services needed for the ecosystem’s distributed computing and network infrastructure,” said Yusuf Jamal, senior vice president of Devices and Platforms, Western Digital.

By sharing relevant findings, requirements and technology solutions within the industry and within standards organizations, the AECC aims to encourage the development of connected vehicle best practices and new use cases that will accelerate the growth of the entire industry. The AECC’s vision is to create a new era where connected vehicles utilize the full benefits of high-volume data for the evolution of the future connected world, improving safety, sustainability, reliability and the experiences in the lives of citizens. Through its membership, Western Digital will continue its long history of working with Tier 1 automotive OEMs to address the data-centric demands of AIoT.

“We’re pleased to welcome Western Digital to the Automotive Edge Computing Consortium, reflecting the importance of our engagement in the consortium’s ecosystem approach,” said the AECC Board of Directors in a joint statement. “We look forward to Western Digital’s contributions to this significant initiative, as our combined knowledge and expertise will help the AECC identify the connected vehicle requirements and solutions needed to support the future needs of the value chain.”

More About Western Digital

Western Digital storage solutions are critical components in the rollout of ADAS and the communications ecosystems that support automotive and autonomous vehicles. Western Digital’s broad portfolio of HDDs, SSDs and NAND flash enables customers building everything from smart city infrastructure and hyperscale data centers, to in-car systems that store and analyze data from cameras and sensors for real-time decision-making and enhanced safety.

About the AECC

The Automotive Edge Computing Consortium (AECC) is an association of cross-industry, global leaders working to explore the rapidly evolving and significant data and communications needs involved in instrumenting billions of vehicles worldwide. The AECC’s goal is to find more efficient ways to support the high-volume data and intelligent services needed for distributed computing and network architecture and infrastructure. The AECC’s members are key players in the automotive, high-speed mobile network, edge computing, wireless technology, distributed computing, and artificial intelligence markets. For more information about the AECC and its membership benefits, please visit https://aecc.org/