Prescription Discount Program, ScriptSave WellRx, Helps With Shipping Costs for Pharmacist Care Packages Delivered During COVID-19

TUCSON, Ariz., May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The prescription drug discount program - ScriptSave WellRx - has announced that it is covering the shipping costs for care packages delivered to pharmacists working on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The delivery donations fall under "Operation Relief" - a program launched by WellRx to help millions of Americans who lost their jobs and health insurance from COVID-19.

The pharmacist care package initiative was launched by Dr. Jessica Louie as a way to help pharmacists who were experiencing burnout from the long and stressful hours. As a board-certified critical care pharmacist, Dr. Louie had experienced burnout and wanted to help others in her situation. Her personal passion grew into the Spark Joy in Healthcare movement.

Showing Appreciation to Pharmacists

More than 800 pharmacists and healthcare professionals have already received care packages, with the goal of giving to more than 1,000 pharmacists by May 30.

The typical care package comes with affirmation cards, healthy food snacks, personal care items, joy check notepad sheets, and a personalized thank you note. Several sponsors have joined WellRx in sponsoring the pharmacist care outreach, including Blistex, Unreal Snacks, Rise Drinks, Skinny Dipped, PowerUp Snacks, Popzero, and many more.

Dr. Louie says pharmacists are also on the front line, creating and delivering medications, but they are frequently forgotten in this pandemic.

"Pharmacists are crucial to our healthcare system," said Dr. Louie. "We're creating these prescriptions and making sure patients get the proper care for their symptoms. Customers don't get to see them working behind the scenes, but they are working around the clock. Here's a chance for customers to also say thank you to your neighborhood pharmacist."

Dr. Louie says consumers can show their appreciation to pharmacists in this initiative by: 1) Contributing money to help with shipping costs; 2) Purchasing a shirt or notepad (50 percent of sales go toward the packages); 3) Purchasing items from their Amazon Wishlist to include in the packages.

Consumers or businesses who have questions on the pharmacist care packages can email Dr. Jessica Louie directly A list of alternative ways to help can be found here.

Robert Craver, Marketing Director for ScriptSave WellRx, says his company wanted to help after seeing first-hand the stress and workload that pharmacists across the country are facing.

"WellRx felt it was our duty to try and help Spark Joy in Healthcare in any way we could," said Craver. "We asked where we could help most, and they asked us to help with their shipping costs. This is a great way for WellRx to have a direct impact on saying thank you to our pharmacists who are working around the clock with our medications."

About ScriptSave WellRx

ScriptSave WellRx negotiates drug prices in bulk with pharmacies across the nation, giving it access to pricing information for most prescription drugs being sold at independent and chain pharmacies. It makes these pricing data available at no cost via the free ScriptSave WellRx mobile app and website. The digital health company provides a fast, easy, free way for patients (and healthcare practitioners) to get a second opinion on what an out-of-pocket cost might be. Patients can price-check all their family's medications at most pharmacies in any zip code with just one click. Healthcare practitioners can price-check medications and share savings with their patients using the WellRx for HCPs app.

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