Alelo, the Avatar-Based Distance Training Firm, Sees Immediate Success with Equity Crowdfunding

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Alelo Inc, a world leader in AI avatar-based distance training, has seen fast-surging growth of its equity crowdfunding offering through After just three days, Alelo's offering is trending on the popular crowdfunding website. "I believe the need for distance learning in response to COVID-19 is a major influence on these exceptional results," said Alelo CEO, Dr. Lewis Johnson. (Watch his brief YouTube video message.)

In contrast to the widely used Zoom interface that requires human instructors, Alelo's distance training employs AI-powered online avatars. Through repeated interactions with the avatars, learners get feedback in a low stress setting - at any time that is convenient. As a result, learners build habits faster and become more quickly adept. "Trainers will have access to data and analytics about learner progress and difficulties. So they can adapt training to the needs of their learners," explains Dr. Johnson.

Unlike many firms seeking equity crowdfunding, Alelo is not a startup. Alelo has had over 500,000 total users and $55 million in cumulative earnings. The new funds will be used to expand Alelo's distance training from a strong base in government and academic applications into the high demand need for corporate training and hiring.

According to Dr. Johnson, "Learning systems that truly teach complex skills such as speaking English, as opposed to vocabulary memorization or grammar drills, require a multidimensional AI framework that goes far beyond simple chatbots or personalized lesson sequencing. We have been perfecting our seven-principle AI framework since 2005 when we first released immersive gamified courses for military personnel to learn foreign languages and cultures. The courses received many awards and recognitions, but none higher than the lives they helped save among our service members in Iraq and Afghanistan."

For more information visit Alelo on the StartEngine website.

SOURCE Alelo Inc