Yinon's Stock Portfolio: An App for Novice and Experienced Investors to Build a Successful Value Investment Stock Portfolio

TEL AVIV, Israel, May 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Dr. Yinon Arieli, an experienced value investor, has launched a new mobile App that helps stock market investors discover winning stock ideas on Wall Street. While many services provide stock market advice, most are short-term oriented. As a seasoned investor with decades of experience, Dr. Arieli has helped thousands of investors by focusing on 'value investing' - a strategy which looks at the long-term value of businesses and their assets. This has enabled him to consistently beat the market since 2004.

The concept of 'value investing' is not new. In fact, it is a strategy used by some of the world's most famous investors, including Warren Buffet. The main principle of 'value investing' relies on the fact that a company is worth more when it earns more. The challenge is finding the stocks of companies which are temporarily being traded below their fair value. This could happen for many reasons: from the departure of a key executive, to a media scandal, to a healthcare crisis like Covid-19. When investors buy these stocks, there's a higher chance to beat the market and produce exceptionally high returns.

The challenge for investors is often that there are too many concurrent ideas, which make it hard to identify the right opportunities. Yinon's Stock Portfolio app gives users insights on the best new investment ideas, helping anyone build a successful portfolio.

Features within the new mobile app include:

    --  Top List: an updated list of stock ideas of quality and stable companies
        that are being traded at a deep discount or below their fair value.
    --  Opportunity Alerts: users get alerts when a new attractive buy idea
        comes in, or when an old idea goes up to its fair price and needs to be
    --  Passive Portfolios: track and mimic quantitative strategies that are
        based on the screening criteria of the most successful investors in the

Dr. Yinon Arieli, founder of Yinon's Stock Portfolio App and manager of the LongRunPlan Portfolio said: "High returns in the stock market require hard work and thorough analysis of companies, including a detailed valuation - something which most investors don't want to do. This new app is designed to do all the difficult legwork and simply provide users with the best opportunities for promising stocks. Just create your basket from these stocks to own a diversified portfolio of winning stocks."

Yinon's Stock Portfolio app is now available on the AppStore.

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