Rexnord Corporation Launches New Corporate Social Responsibility Website and Report

Rexnord Corporation (NYSE:RXN) announced today its new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) website and its inaugural CSR report sharing its sustainability strategy and highlighting the work it has done and will continue to do to help protect people, communities and the planet.

“We have long viewed simply doing the right thing as our guiding principle,” said Todd Adams, President and CEO of Rexnord. “We know we have a role to play to operate in a way that prioritizes social responsibility, from product safety to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This new website and report showcase our commitment to making responsible choices that create a lasting positive impact in the world.”

Key highlights from the Rexnord Corporate Social Responsibility efforts:

  • Governance: In 2020, Rexnord formalized the management of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) by creating an ESG Steering Committee. Also in 2020, the company established oversight of ESG by the Rexnord Board of Directors.
  • Environment: Rexnord’s products, solutions and services are designed to help customers conserve resources, meet and exceed regulatory compliance and ensure the safety of the people who use them.
    • In 2019, Rexnord’s Zurn products helped customers save 1.1 billion gallons of water, the equivalent of 27 million bathtubs.
    • The VERDEdri® line of hand dryers from World Dryer offers a low-waste, low-energy solution that helps stop the paper waste of towel drying. In one year, it is estimated that VERDEdri replaces the equivalence of 18,000 trees and 446 million paper towels.
    • From fiscal year 2017 to 2019, Rexnord reduced global energy intensity and GHG intensity in manufacturing, warehouse and repair centers by 23 percent and 24 percent, respectively.
  • Health & Safety: Health and safety are a fundamental part of the Rexnord Business System. The company takes great responsibility in providing associates with the right tools to guarantee the safest and healthiest work environments possible.
    • Through continual training and a proactive program to engage associates and visitors in addressing safety issues, Rexnord reduced its total recordable incident rate by 80 percent since 2009.
  • Communities: Supporting the communities in which Rexnord operates has always been fundamental to the company.
    • Rexnord and the Rexnord Foundation donated more than $2 million in charitable contributions, focusing on organizations within three key areas: Basic Needs, Education and Environment.
    • In March 2020, Zurn Industries, a Rexnord company, pledged to donate $1 million in hygienic products to healthcare facilities faced with addressing COVID-19. The donated products allow healthcare facilities to upgrade to a touchless environment.
  • People: Associates are Rexnord’s greatest strength. The company is committed to recruiting and retaining top talent in addition to fostering an inclusive environment where all associates can thrive.
    • Rexnord provides tuition reimbursement to associates pursuing an associate, undergraduate or graduate degree.
    • In 2019, the company welcomed two additional female directors to its Board, making it 30 percent gender diverse.

For more information, please visit the CSR website, as well as Rexnord’s Solving Smarter CSR infographic and CSR Report.

About Rexnord

Headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Rexnord is comprised of two strategic platforms, Process & Motion Control and Water Management, with approximately 6,800 employees worldwide. The Process & Motion Control platform designs, manufactures, markets and services specified, highly engineered mechanical components used within complex systems. The Water Management platform designs, procures, manufactures and markets products that provide and enhance water quality, safety, flow control and conservation. Additional information about the Company can be found at