Conscious Activation International: Learning How to Shift Your Thinking is the Best Way to Protect Your Mental Health During This Pandemic

ST. LOUIS, May 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Research has proven we have very little control over our own thinking. 95% of the time, our reactive, subconscious minds, over which we have little to no control, direct our thoughts, emotions and behavior. This means we are thinking consciously and deliberately only 5% of the time. According to data from our government's National Science Foundation, we have up to 60,000 thoughts per day, with 80% of them being negative and 95% being repetitive. We relive our negative thoughts and experiences over and over, every day. It is our ever-present negative self-talk that often leads us to experience mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse and death by suicide. The great news is that people can learn skills to activate their conscious thinking on a moment-by-moment basis. This will help shift from negative to more positive and productive thoughts.

Research has also proven we have the ability to rewire our brains by creating new neural pathways. We can retrain our brains to think more consciously.

There are three critical components to conscious thinking. You need to:

    1. Understand how and why you think the way you do and how your thinking
       creates much of the negativity and challenges in your life.

    2. Learn the step-by-step process that allows you to control your thinking
       by shifting negative subconscious to positive conscious thoughts.

    3. Take responsibility for implementing those steps on a moment-by-moment

Our Thinking Program(TM) provides all three of these components, presenting 37 Steps to Transform Your Life by Shifting Your Thinking(TM). This substantive online program is available now for $24.99.

Our mission is to help people everywhere gain conscious control over their thinking, creating greater happiness and success in life. Providing a path for people to Become Conscious Active(TM) will play an important role in having all of us to come out of this pandemic mentally stronger and healthier.


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