Shanghai Electric Celebrates 27 Years of commitment in Pakistan

SHANGHAI, May 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai Electric is now celebrating the 27(th) anniversary of its entering Pakistan markets since 1993. Yesterday was itself a related anniversary, making 69 years since China established diplomatic relations with Pakistan. Shanghai Electric, representing the first batch of Chinese companies entering the market, has generated a string of milestone projects in categories that include thermal power, nuclear power, and Power Transmission and Distribution under the umbrella of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (the "CPEC").

Thermal power

    --  Muzaffarnagarh thermal power plant project -- The Muzaffarnagarh thermal
        power plant is Shanghai Electric's first overseas EPC project since the
        Company entering Pakistan in 1993, and the project facilitated 320MW
        steam turbines provided by Shanghai Electric started operating in July
    --  Thar Integrated Coal Mine-Power Project -- Shanghai Electric signed the
        EPC contract for a block coal-fired power station project in Thar
        Coalfield, Pakistan, in December 2016. In April 2019 Shanghai Electric
        signed another EPC contract for Thar Block-1 Integrated Coal Mine-Power
        Project with an installed capacity of 2 x 660MW and a coalmine with an
        annual coal production capacity of 7.8 million tons. The project is
        capable of powering 4 million households in Pakistan with 1320 megawatts
        of indigenous, affordable and reliable electricity. Shanghai electric is
        also applying ultra-supercritical technology, which can run at higher
        net efficiency than the annual average net efficiency required by
        Pakistani government. Additionally, the plants will operate with a high
        Acid Gas removal rate, with low sulfur dioxide emissions to reduce
        environmental impact when it begins to generate electricity in 2022.
    --  Sahiwal 2 x 660MW thermal power plant project -- Shanghai Electric was
        commissioned to provide steam turbines, generators and auxiliary
        equipment for Sahiwal 2 x 660MW coal fired power station, the contract
        for which was signed in June 2015. Shanghai electric reduced the
        production time to 12 months by leveraging the new mode of the steam
        turbine designed with supercritical cylinder, with the generator stator
        iron center, coil and shaft tile optimization further improving the
        efficiency of the Plant.

Nuclear Power

    --  Chashma nuclear power plant project -- The nuclear power plant, which
        features a 300,000 kW pressurized water reactor nuclear power plant, is
        the first export civil nuclear power project of China's own design and
        construction. Shanghai Electric provided the major components of the
        nuclear island and the conventional island in the hope of alleviating
        the local power shortage problem and provided clean, efficient and safe
        electricity to expedite Pakistan's path to the energy self-sufficiency.
    --  Karachi Nuclear Power Plant Unit 2 and Unit 3 (K2, K3) -- The nuclear
        powerplant marked another major step forward in the field of energy
        cooperation between China and Pakistan as the first overseas "Hualong
        No.1" nuclear reactor in Karachi, with the project scheduled to be
        finished by the end of 2020. Shanghai Electric provided the main
        equipment for the conventional island and nuclear island of the Karachi
        nuclear power plant. The project is poised to ease the local power
        shortage situation.

Power Grid Transmission and Distribution

    --  TP1000 Karachi Urban Power Grid Transformation Project -- Karachi's
        urban power grid transformation project is one of the integrated urban
        power grid construction projects in Pakistan designed to improve the
        reliability and stability of Karachi's power transmission
        infrastructure. Shanghai Electric is responsible for all the major steps
        from conducting survey, power transmission and distribution circuit
        design, to the power plant commissioning, in addition to supplying
        substation equipment and cable accessories. The Company has always been
        an active force in creating a learning-oriented community in the region,
        and the local employees of Shanghai Electric have been offered technical
        training and shared with project management experience by Chinese
        employees, which effectively generated a longer-term impact on
        Pakistan's power industry.

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