COVID-19 Screening App for Employers to Maintain a Safe Workplace, Launched by Kanda Software

BOSTON, May 26, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- WorkPass.Today,?launched by Kanda Software, is a COVID-19 symptoms screening solution for employers that helps decrease the likelihood of people with an active case of COVID-19 coming to work. The application streamlines the process for employers and promotes safe working conditions.

WorkPass.Today consists of separate portals for Admin and Employee. On the employee side, it prompts workers to conduct self-assessment of their own health prior to coming to work. Before the start of the day or shift, each employee is asked a set of questions about potential COVID-19 symptoms, including fever, cough and more.

If symptoms are present, a worker is asked to stay home or contact their healthcare provider.

If there are no symptoms, the application generates a unique 5-digit passcode that the employee uses to enter the workplace. Upon arriving at the workplace, the passcode is matched by an administrator to permit entrance.

"Initially, we created WorkPass with the goal of helping critical workers, hospitals and urgent care clinics reduce the likelihood of getting infected at work and infecting colleagues," said Alex Karpovsky, CEO of Kanda Software. "But as more and more businesses begin to open, WorkPass helps any business come out of the quarantine safely."

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SOURCE Kanda Software