Global Solid State Battery Market by Type, Rechargeability, Capacity, Application and Region - Forecast to 2027 -

The "Solid State Battery Market by Type (Single-Cell and Multi-Cell Battery), Rechargeability, Capacity, Application (Consumer Electronics, Electric Vehicles, Energy Harvesting, Medical Devices, Packaging, Wireless Sensors), Region - Global Forecast to 2027" report has been added to's offering.

The global solid state battery market size is estimated to grow from USD 62 million in 2020 to USD 483 million by 2027; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.2% from 2020 to 2027. The growth of this market is driven by the rising requirement of solid state batteries in electric vehicles, the increasing trend toward the miniaturization of consumer electronics, and growing R&D activities by major companies.

Growth of solid state battery industry is expected to be driven by growth in electric vehicles during forecast period.

The global solid state battery market for electric vehicles is expected to grow at a significant rate during the forecast period. Electric vehicles (EV) are anticipated to be one of the major segments for solid state batteries. Cost, safety, and driving range are a few of the major concerns associated with electric vehicles.

Over the past few years, manufacturers have had to work with the restraints of the conventional batteries composed of liquid- or gel-based electrolytes that overheat and cause explosions. Moreover, the liquid electrolyte in a battery requires many layers of packaging, which adds to the size and weight of the battery. Anticipating the tremendous growth of electric vehicles in the coming years, many major companies are developing solid state batteries to address the current problems of the market.

Solid state battery market in APAC to grow at highest CAGR during 2020-2027.

APAC is expected to witness the highest CAGR during the forecast period owing to the technological advancements in wearable devices and consumer electronics sectors in this region. The major wearable devices and consumer electronics manufacturers based in APAC, such as Samsung (South Korea), LG Electronics (South Korea), and Panasonic (Japan), are developing the next-generation flexible devices. These devices require power sources that are not only small but also have high power density to complement the product design; these requirements are fulfilled by thin-film batteries.

Moreover, the report profiles the key players in the solid state battery market and analyzes their market ranking. The prominent players in this market are Cymbet (US), Robert Bosch (Germany), Toyota Motor (Japan), Solid Power (US), Excellatron Solid State (US), and BrightVolt (US), among others.

Key Topics Covered

1 Introduction

2 Research Methodology

3 Executive Summary

4 Premium Insights

4.1 APAC Holds Huge Opportunities for Solid State Battery Market

4.2 Solid State Battery Market, by Type (2019-2027)

4.3 Solid State Battery Market, by Rechargeability

4.4 Solid State Battery Market, by Capacity

4.5 Solid State Battery Market, by Region

5 Market Overview

5.1 Introduction

5.2 Market Dynamics

5.2.1 Drivers Surge in Research and Development Activities Related to Solid State Batteries Increase in Adoption of Solid State Batteries in Electric Vehicles Extended Shelf Life of Solid State Batteries Than Conventional Batteries Miniaturization of Electronic Devices

5.2.2 Restraints High Cost of Solid State Batteries Complicated Manufacturing Process of Solid State Batteries

5.2.3 Opportunities Increase in Investments and Partnerships Among Automobile Companies and Solid State Battery Manufacturers Surge in Demand for Electric Vehicles Integration of Flexible and Lightweight Batteries in Wearable Devices

5.2.4 Challenges Manufacturing Cost-Efficient Solid State Batteries

5.3 Impact of COVID-19 on Solid State Battery Market

5.4 Value Chain Analysis

6 Components of Solid State Battery

6.1 Introduction

6.2 Cathode

6.3 Anode

6.4 Solid Electrolyte

6.4.1 Polymer

6.4.2 Sulfide

6.4.3 Oxide

6.4.4 Pseudo Solid

6.4.5 Glass

6.5 Others

7 Solid State Battery Market, by Type

7.1 Introduction

7.2 Single-Cell Battery

7.2.1 Single-Cell Battery Technology is Well-Adopted in Medical Devices Application

7.3 Multi-Cell Battery

7.3.1 Multi-Cell Batteries Would Be Most Trending Battery Technology for Electric Vehicles Due to Their High Power Density

8 Solid State Battery Market, by Rechargeability

8.1 Introduction

8.2 Primary Battery

8.2.1 Primary Solid State Batteries Have Smaller Life Span

8.3 Secondary Battery

8.3.1 Secondary Solid State Batteries Have Immense Opportunities in Electric Vehicles

9 Solid State Market, by Capacity

9.1 Introduction

9.2 Battery Capacity: Below 20 Mah

9.2.1 Below 20 Mah Solid State Batteries Are Mostly Used in Wearables, Wireless Sensors, and Rfid Tags

9.3 Battery Capacity: Between 20 Mah and 500 Mah

9.3.1 Batteries of Capacity Range Between 20 Mah and 50 Mah Are Mostly Used in Energy Harvesting and Consumer Electronics Applications

9.4 Battery Capacity: Above 500 Mah

9.4.1 Solid State Batteries of Above 500 Mah Capacity Are Mostly Employed in Applications Requiring High Power

10 Solid State Battery Market, by Application

10.1 Introduction

10.2 Impact of Covid-19 on Applications Using Solid State Batteries

10.3 Consumer Electronics

10.3.1 Smartphones Manufacturing Requirements in Smartphones Pose Opportunities for Solid State Batteries

10.3.2 Wearables Growing Popularity of Wearables Poses Significant Scope for Solid State Batteries

10.4 Electric Vehicles

10.4.1 Portable Batteries Have Remarkable Growth Opportunities in Electric Vehicles

10.5 Medical Devices

10.5.1 Life Span of Solid State Batteries Supports Efficient Operations of Medical Devices

10.6 Energy Harvesting

10.6.1 Energy Harvesting Systems Could Largely Benefit from Longer Shelf Life of Solid State Batteries

10.7 Wireless Sensors

10.7.1 Internet of Things Technology Supports Employment of Solid State Batteries in Wireless Sensors

10.8 Packaging

10.8.1 Rfid Tags and Smart Labels Hold Potential for Solid State Batteries

10.9 Others

11 Solid State Battery Market, by Region

11.1 Introduction

11.2 North America

11.2.1 US Prevalent R&D Activities by Major Players to Support Solid State Battery Market

11.2.2 Canada Growing Deployment of Iot to Encourage Adoption of Solid State Batteries

11.2.3 Mexico Mexico'S Energy Harvesting Application Holds Opportunities for Solid State Batteries

11.3 Europe

11.3.1 Germany Germany Holds Significant Potential for Growth of Electrical Vehicles

11.3.2 UK UK to Witness Significant Growth in Solid State Battery Market During Forecast Period

11.3.3 France France Expected to Be Major European Solid State Battery Market for Consumer Electronics and Wireless Sensors

11.3.4 Rest of Europe

11.4 APAC

11.4.1 China Consumer Electronics and Electric Vehicles Expected to Boost Chinese Solid State Battery Market

11.4.2 Japan Presence of Key Players Offering Solid State Batteries to Support Japanese Market

11.4.3 South Korea Energy Harvesting Holds Potential for Solid State Batteries

11.4.4 India India Has Potential to Propel Solid State Battery Market Growth

11.4.5 Rest of APAC

11.5 Row

11.5.1 Middle East & Africa Middle East & Africa Expected to Have Significant Growth Potential for Thin-Film Batteries

11.5.2 South America Brazil Holds Potential to Adopt Solid State Batteries

12 Competitive Landscape

12.1 Overview

12.2 Competitive Analysis

12.2.1 Market Ranking Analysis: Solid State Battery Market, 2019

12.3 Competitive Leadership Mapping, 2019

12.3.1 Visionary Leaders

12.3.2 Dynamic Differentiators

12.3.3 Innovators

12.3.4 Emerging Companies

12.4 Competitive Situations and Trends

12.4.1 Product Launches

12.4.2 Partnerships, Joint Ventures, and Agreements

13 Company Profiles

13.1 Key Players

13.1.1 Cymbet

13.1.2 Robert Bosch

13.1.3 Toyota Motor

13.1.4 Brightvolt

13.1.5 Excellatron Solid State

13.1.6 Blue Solutions

13.1.7 Solid Power

13.1.8 Quantumscape

13.1.9 Prologium Technology

13.1.10 Keracel

13.2 Right-To-Win

13.3 Other Players

13.3.1 Ilika

13.3.2 Samsung

13.3.3 Planar Energy Devices

13.3.4 Fisker

13.3.5 NGK Spark Plug

13.3.6 Gangfeng Lithium

13.3.7 Qing Tao Energy Development

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