Adelos Wins Multiple Awards Advancing United States Strategic Security

Business is rolling strong for a Montana-based company that specializes in fiber-optic sensor perimeter security. Adelos, Inc. has won a series of noteworthy contracts for the operational application of their perimeter security product, Phosonic™ 3.0. Based on patented US Navy technology, Phosonic is used to detect, classify, and localize air, surface, and subsurface threat vectors within strategic perimeter security scenarios.

In December, Adelos was awarded the US Air Force (USAF) AFWERX Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I Special Topic Dual-Use contract. AFWERX is an organization within the USAF that works to promote USAF engagement with industry, academia, and other contributors to foster innovation. This contract allowed Adelos to engage with key customers and end users on the adaption of Phosonic for strategic USAF requirements. The project culminated in a US Government Customer Demonstration of Phosonic’s capability on February 20 at the Adelos Test and Demonstration Center in Montana.

In January, Adelos participated in the AFWERX Base of the Future Challenge Workshop, specifically focusing on the perimeter security challenge which reinforced the interoperability of Phosonic with other sensor systems. Innovative businesses like Adelos submit solutions to specific challenges that the USAF may then pursue further.

Following closely behind the AFWERX workshop, Adelos was awarded the Autonomous Fiber Optic Sensor Network (A-FOSN) project through the Department of Defense (DoD) S2MARTS OTA in February. The DoD will evaluate the fiber-optic acoustic sensor capability of Phosonic for use in covert, wide area surveillance and real-time detection for unsolved challenges.

Then in April, Adelos was selected for a USAF AFWERX SBIR Phase II follow-on. The Phosonic system exceeded critical achievement standards to be considered for the Phase II award, showing technical merit and commercial potential at the US Government Customer Demonstration. Under this award, Adelos will extend the Phosonic application for strategic perimeter security in direct support of Global Strike Command A3S.

Adelos is an applied research and product development company specializing in fiber optic sensor systems for a range of advanced U.S. Government and commercial applications. The company is a subsidiary of S&K Technologies, Inc. and is owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes. Contract awards like these provide meaningful economic dividends to the 8,000-plus shareholders of the tribal community, supporting programs involving cultural perpetuation, language revitalization, services for elders, and other social investments.

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