Sentri360 by Unveils New Platform for Worker Safety and Monitoring as Industries Reopen Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

IRVINE, Calif., May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ --, a developer of AI-based worker safety solutions, today officially launched new applications to help industries reopen safely as the first COVID-19 lockdown loosens. Their flagship platform, Sentri360(TM) is an end-to-end safety solution that alerts management and workers in real time to potential safety hazards. The application can ensure employees are wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), adhering to social distancing guidelines, and can perform person-by-person skin temperature checks through advanced thermal imagery capabilities. Learn more at

"With various industries priming to reopen after government-mandated shutdowns, many factories and warehouses are looking for ways to ensure not only the health and safety of their employees, but also that future operations aren't disrupted due to cluster outbreaks of COVID-19 infection," says Sandeep Pandya, CEO of "Sentri360 is a useful aid in this process by utilizing artificial intelligence to continuously monitor worker behavior while generating an ever-increasing situational understanding of the worker's environment. This full understanding allows the system to intervene intelligently, ensuring workers adhere to new guidelines while also preventing industrial accidents in real time."

With a feature suite including PPE detection, safety zone compliance and temperature checking capabilities, among others, Sentri360 works by scanning through multi-sensor inputs to proactively alert workers through an industrial-grade wearable personal alert device. This means that in the event an employee removes their mask for an extended period of time, or gets closer than six feet to other workers, they'll receive an alert reminding them of protocols. Managers are also alerted to enable post-event analysis and provide further health and safety coaching to employees.

"Germany has managed to keep their factories and warehouses in operation throughout the coronavirus pandemic due to stringent health and safety compliance procedures that ensured the strict wearing of PPE equipment, social distancing, in-house testing and contact tracing when employees fell ill," states Pandya. "One such company only experienced 15 cases of infection out of their 6,700 employees(1), and this is due to their adherence to these strict protocols. Sentri360 assists businesses towards similar outcomes by implementing and enforcing their own health and safety protocols through artificial intelligence so they can mitigate disruption and continue operating at, or close to, full capacity, without having to employ a full compliance and staff monitoring team." emerged from BCG Digital Ventures, a global corporate investment and incubation firm. The company is currently developing tailored safety solutions for steel, construction, oil and gas, and a host of other industries.

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