U.S. Study Finds COVID-19 Pandemic Transforms Cell Phone Usage

MURFREESBORO, Tenn., May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- COVID-19 has changed our reliance on technology as remote learning and working from home has increased. According to new data from Twigby, a nationwide phone service provider, 39% of survey participants have been relying on their phones more due to social distancing. Twigby conducted the survey to better understand how the pandemic is affecting customers overall service experience.

The survey asked participants to relay if they are depending on their phone service more, less or with no change during the COVID-19 outbreak. The results reveal that the pandemic has affected phone usage with large increases in app usage, texting and calling. With the increase in phone usage, people are charging their phone more as well.

The data is based on responses from over 2,200 mobile phone users (customers and non-customers). Survey data was collected online in May 2020. In general, the survey findings illustrate a split among respondents. While many people across America are staying at home over the past couple of months, others are essential employees with little change in current phone habits.

The survey says most phone usage is the same but overall dependence on Wi-Fi for data consumption has increased. The new survey shows 47% of customers have no change in their phone habits. However, 54% did relay they are using more Wi-Fi during this time. Another 20% responded they were gaming more often. Nearly 30% are cleaning their phone daily. However, another 25% admitted they have never cleaned their phone. Overall, the results demonstrate a major shift in phone usage since more people are staying at home.

Additional findings:

    --  Nearly a third of all respondents said they are cleaning their phone
        daily and another third weekly
    --  More than a third (37%) are texting more
    --  Overall video calling usage is up (32%)
    --  36% of respondents indicated using social media more
    --  23% of people surveyed indicated using shopping apps more
    --  Only 12% plan on purchasing a new phone soon

Full survey results can be found at: twigby.net/covid-survey

About Twigby
Twigby.com launched in 2016 with the belief that the traditional phone service "one price fits all" model was outdated. Since then, Twigby has evolved in one of the nation's fastest growing cell phone providers.

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