Huawei Announces the Next-Gen OceanStor Pacific Series, Setting a New Benchmark for Mass Data Storage

SHENZHEN, China, May 28, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei announced the worldwide launch of the next-generation mass storage system -- OceanStor Pacific Series. The series delivers efficient, cost-effective, and reliable services for AI, HPC, videos, and other mass data scenarios by breaking architectural, service, and performance boundaries, and leveraging uncompromised multi-protocol interworking, next-generation elastic EC algorithm, and a series of dedicated hardware. This series marks a new standard for future-oriented mass data storage, helping enterprises fully unleash data power in the intelligent age.

The fourth industrial revolution has made digital production the currency of modern business models. Digital production turns data into opportunities, then these opportunities into services, and finally into profits. With this new production factor, enterprises must find a way of cost-effectively collecting and storing different types of data such as structured data from core services and mass unstructured data from 5G, IoT, and UHD. Enterprises use AI technologies to analyze and process the massive amounts of data to convert data into knowledge and services, improving production efficiency.

Peter Zhou, President of Huawei Data Storage and Intelligent Vision Product Line, said, "Mass data will play an increasingly important role in enterprise digital transformation. Today, only 2% of global data is stored, and only 10% of the data is being mined for further value. Enterprises are facing insufficient capacity, data silos, and complex management when dealing with mass data. Our OceanStor Pacific Series is designed to answer these pain points, setting a new benchmark for efficient, economical, everlasting mass data storage, and helping us become the trusted choice for mass data."

Shang Haifeng, President of Huawei Mass Storage Domain, elaborated on Huawei's three strategic directions for mass data scenarios:

    --  Leading technologies: Huawei builds a series of dedicated hardware and
        leverages software innovations such as multi-protocol interworking,
        efficient reduction algorithms, and multi-level reliability to meet
        scenario-specific needs.
    --  Business innovations: Huawei leverages industry-leading data redundancy
        protection and reduction technologies to be the first industry player to
        promote the business model for available capacity. This model enables
        users to know exactly what they are getting from the start, helping
        lower procurement costs, TCO, and the usage threshold of mass storage.
    --  Industry expertise: Driven by industry-specific requirements, Huawei
        constantly innovates its products, accelerates the digital
        transformation of enterprises, and unleashes data power.

Efficient, Economical, and Everlasting: The Trusted Choice for Mass Data

Huawei released its first generation of file storage in 2009 and has continuously invested in mass data storage ever since, ranking No. 1 in market share in China for four consecutive years. The OceanStor Pacific Series aims to become the trusted choice for mass data by fully utilizing years of know-how in software and hardware, and making groundbreaking innovations in efficiency, cost, and reliability.

    --  Efficient: This series breaks the service boundary to implement
        uncompromised interworking of file, HDFS, and object protocols,
        addressing performance and semantic loss issues caused by traditional
        gateways. In autonomous driving R&D, one Huawei storage system
        streamlines data processing across different phases. Data does not need
        to be migrated between multiple storage systems, improving service
        processing efficiency by 25% and reducing space by 20%. By breaking the
        performance boundary, the next-generation file system supports
        bandwidth- and OPS-intensive applications, adapting to increasingly
        complex HPC loads.
    --  Economical: This series breaks the architectural boundary with the
        innovative, high-reliability vNode mode along with the next-generation
        elastic EC technology. It yields a disk utilization of up to 93%, over
        40% higher than the industry average, without compromising performance
        and reliability. Its brand-new node with high density and large capacity
        supports 120 disks in just a 5 U space with 2.67x density than
        general-purpose storage servers and 62.5% space reduction. Hot, warm,
        and cold data is automatically tiered onto SSDs, HDDs, and Blu-ray disks
        on demand, meaning that data can flow freely without intervention.
    --  Everlasting: The series provides a four-level mechanism for data,
        devices, systems, and solutions to ensure high reliability. Its
        comprehensive sub-health detection and pre-processing identify fault
        risks before they occur. The OceanStor Pacific Series uses cross-cluster
        active-active and three-site multi-active DR mechanisms for cross-region
        DR, ensuring 24/7 online services of banking images, online videos, and
        other production applications.

Huawei OceanStor storage has been deployed in more than 150 countries for more than 12,000 customers in a variety of sectors, including carriers, finance, government, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation. Huawei OceanStor storage is the ideal choice for worldwide customers looking to store and process their service data.


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