CMA brings together experts to discuss pandemic response and the future of health

OTTAWA, May 29, 2020 /CNW/ - With the gradual shift to pandemic recovery and re-entry, the Canadian Medical Association (CMA) is assembling a group of experts to discuss the pandemic and its impact, including how to strengthen our health care system which has been significantly disrupted.

The Post-Pandemic Expert Advisory Group brings together experts with a wide range of perspectives including medical, allied health, economics, social, public health and the patient perspective. Its work will first focus on the recovery as public health restrictions are gradually lifted, identifying emerging issues which will inform the CMA's general response to COVID-19. Longer term, the Advisory Group will review the response to the pandemic to capture lessons learned and how to transform health care in the future.

The advisory group includes:

    --  Dr. Suzanne Strasberg, CMA Board Chair
    --  Dr. Ann Collins, CMA President-Elect
    --  Dr. Chris Simpson, Queen's School of Medicine
    --  Dr. David Naylor, University of Toronto
    --  Dr. Andrew Boozary, University Health Network
    --  Dr. Jesse Kancir, Public Health Resident, BC
    --  Dr. David-Martin Milot, Université de Sherbrooke
    --  Michael Villeneuve, Canadian Nurses Association
    --  Don Drummond, Queen's University
    --  Bonnie Brossart, Saskatchewan Medical Association
    --  Claire Snyman, CMA Patient Voice

The CMA, Joule and the CMA Foundation have been actively engaged in the pandemic response, bringing the medical perspective to governments on a range of matters, informing physicians and the public, offering resources and support to medical leaners and physicians, bolstering efforts to scale up virtual care, and making charitable donations to support the medical response and communities in need.

About the CMA
Since 1867, the Canadian Medical Association has been the national voice of Canada's medical profession. We work with physicians, residents and medical students on issues that matter to the profession and the health of Canadians. We advocate for policy and programs that drive meaningful change for physicians and their patients.

SOURCE Canadian Medical Association