Tapestry Telehealth is now TapestryHealth

STRATFORD, Conn., June 1, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- "You cannot meet the needs of the skilled nursing industry today if you are a traditional telemedicine provider," said Dr. David Chess, founder and CEO of TapestryHealth. "And I should know," he added. "I founded the telemedicine business in nursing homes. But today those facilities are being asked to provide much more advanced care and that can't be done with stop-gap measures like traditional telemedicine."

In two years, TapestryHealth has grown into the leader in remote delivery of primary and specialty care in nursing facilities, having performed tens of thousands of face-to-face evaluations and treatments. They offer both remote and on-site care, and 24/7 coverage by board-certified clinicians and medical specialists who are assigned to serve the patients in specific facilities.

According to Mordy Eisenberg, co-founder and COO of Tapestry, the name change was dictated by the significant difference in the scope and sophistication of the services provided by TapestryHealth vs. traditional telemedicine providers. "Don't confuse primary care delivered remotely with telemedicine. Tapestry is both a primary and urgent care provider who assigns dedicated clinicians to each facility. Those clinicians make daily rounds, often with medical specialists from the fields most often needed in skilled nursing facilities yet the hardest for most facilities to attract. Our one-button technology employs a three-camera system for pinpoint examinations. And we've now added on-site location of our clinicians which is becoming increasingly important to our urban clients."

"TapestryHealth is a platform for patient centric holistic care. We wrap patients and staff in a support network unavailable anywhere else," added Dr. Chess. "We can promise nearly immediate response times, even making multiple bedside visits daily when required. We're providing a turn-key support solution that helps boost QMs and CMS ratings, and that's helping our clients increase census, reimbursement and profitability while providing better care than ever before."

About TapestryHealth

TapestryHealth is a multi-specialty healthcare practice that utilizes advanced technology to provide face to face evaluation and treatment to the patient's bedside in skilled nursing facilities and other non-hospital environments. Tapestry team of doctors, PAs, NPs and multiple medical specialists see patients at their bedsides, 24/7, making daily rounds, building relationships with patients and families based on familiarity and trust , and ensuring appropriate, effective and efficient delivery of care regardless of the patient's location, or day and time of need. Learn more at: http://www.tapestryhealth.net

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