TapestryHealth(TM) powering next growth phase with major service expansion

STRATFORD, Conn., Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- TapestryHealth, a nationwide leader in telemedicine services to the nursing home industry, has announced a partnership with Rosie that will open the doors to as many as 3,000 potential new clients. Rosie has been providing medical equipment and innovative digital solutions to the skilled nursing industry since 1977 and their RosieConnectivity(tm) EHR connectivity platform is one of the most advanced and widely used vital signs monitoring technologies on the market.

"TapestryHealth recently began using the Rosie connected nursing carts to provide vital signs management to our clients, while also using the platform for telemedicine services at point-of-care in order to provide an even higher level of care and monitoring capability," says Dr. David Chess, founder of TapestryHealth. "That integrated tool has allowed our clinicians to remotely spot and quickly address any changes in a resident's condition that might indicate a potential health problem."

According to TapestryHealth's COO, Mordy Eisenberg, the decision to expand that effort by partnering with Rosie was simple. "We have clinicians available 24/7 and we rely on accurate data to provide the best care and to fuel the data analytics aspect of our Vitals Monitoring Program. Rosie is already on-site in nearly 20% of skilled nursing facilities in America, but they have no evaluation or treatment capabilities. Working together we can dramatically elevate the level of care provided in these facilities.

Steve Booker, who founded Rosie with his wife Marie, added another important element of this partnership. "Most of the facilities we support have as many as five or six RosieConnect devices, and Tapestry Health was able to integrate their diagnostic tools, like digital stethoscopes, otoscopes and hi-def wound cameras right into our existing equipment. That means our clients can have near instant access to Tapestry's clinical support. We believe that this partnership makes us the most important product on the market for skilled nursing facilities that want to up their level of care. This is going to be the biggest game changer in skilled nursing care to come along in many, many years."

About TapestryHealth
TapestryHealth is a multi-specialty healthcare practice that utilizes advanced technology to provide face-to-face evaluation and treatment to the patient's bedside in skilled nursing facilities and other post-acute environments. Tapestry's team of doctors, PAs, NPs and multiple medical specialists see patients at their bedsides, 24/7, making daily rounds, building relationships with patients and families based on familiarity and trust, and ensuring appropriate, effective and efficient delivery of care regardless of the patient's location, or day and time of need. Learn more at tapestryhealth.com.

About Rosie Connectivity Solutions
Rosie Connectivity Solutions - widely known as Rosie -- has been a trusted partner in the long-term and post-acute care (LTPAC) industry since 1977. Enhancing its core offering of medical equipment and supplies, Rosie focuses today on the development of its expanding, user-friendly RosieCare(TM) clinical data platform and connected devices that enable nurses and caregivers to seamlessly, accurately and securely transfer clinical data wirelessly from bedside to the Electronic Health Record (EHR), connect patients with remote clinicians and provide crucial clinical insights to nursing staff and providers. Learn more at nurserosie.com.

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