Insurance Guide - The Differences Between Liability And Full Coverage Car Insurance

LOS ANGELES, June 2, 2020 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- When it comes to car insurance, drivers have to choose between liability only or full coverage. In some cases, their decision does not depend solely on them. Full coverage is optional only if the policyholder owns the car. The holder of the car loan will require full coverage to the extent the policyholder owes on the car.

Liability provides coverage to other people for their injuries and property damaged sustained during an accident caused by the policyholder. Basically, it covers the victims of the policyholder's wrongdoings. This policy is also referred to as "third-party coverage". Without liability coverage, the policyholder will have to pay for everything from his own finances. Most insurance companies split liability coverage into two main components:

    --  Bodily Injury. It includes medical bills, lost wages and other costs
        related to treating physical and psychological traumas. Bodily Injury is
        represented in contracts with 2 different numbers ($50.000/$100.000),
        which represent the maximum amount the insurer will pay out per persons
        and the maximum amount paid for the entire accident.
    --  Property damage. It includes the costs of repairing a car that has been
        damaged by the policyholder. It is usually the third number from the
        liability coverage limits (($50.000/$100.000/$50.000)

Full coverage extends the basic protection offered by liability only. Unlike liability coverage, full coverage will also cover the costs of repairing the policyholder's car, no matter who caused the accident. Full coverage provides the following policies:

    --  Comprehensive coverage. It covers damage caused by other factors than a
        collision. If the car is damaged by extreme weather, objects or debris
        falling from the sky, animal attacks, riots, comprehensive will cover
        it. Furthermore, comprehensive car insurance also covers car theft.
    --  Collision coverage. If the car is damaged during a collision with
        another vehicle or structure, this portion of the auto insurance will
        reimburse the driver. It also covers cases when the owner flips over his
        car and damages it.

Additionally, clients can access:

    --  Roadside assistance. A team of experts will provide the following
        services: jumpstarting the car's battery, delivering fuel, towing the
        car or locking/unlocking services.
    --  Rental coverage. Covers the cost of renting a new car while the covered
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