Applicaster Turbocharges Video App Development with New Quick Brick Framework

NEW YORK, June 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Applicaster, the global technology company simplifying the creation, delivery and management of OTT video applications, today launched Quick Brick, a new app development framework available within its SaaS app development platform, Zapp. The revolutionary new toolset turbocharges video app development, enabling media companies to shrink time to market, reduce development and maintenance costs, and increase post-launch agility. Some of the new capabilities now available in the Zapp platform include:

    --  Streamlined UI design tools - Zapp Studio's new design toolkit provides
        direct control over hundreds of design attributes, shrinking the time
        required to create unique, bespoke apps without writing any code and
        easing developer workload.
    --  Enhanced developer toolkit - Developers can create bespoke user
        interfaces that seamlessly scale across mobile and TV platforms. Also,
        App features that utilize Zapp's pluggable architecture - accessible via
        Zapp Marketplace - can now be developed once and applied across multiple
        platforms, reducing development costs and complexity. For example, UI
        login plug-ins like Search or Play Next now require a single Javascript
        developer to support all platforms.
    --  Accelerated post-launch agility - Media companies can utilize
        non-developers to adjust - or completely redesign - their OTT video apps
        without having to rebuild and submit their apps to app stores, further
        increasing Zapp users' ability to adjust and pivot their OTT strategy as
        market conditions change.

With the latest enhancements to Zapp, Applicaster has taken a once complicated process and brought its functionality to a level that frees up developers and enables fast UI to be built and optimized after launch by non-developers. Unlike traditional video app development, the Applicaster platform features a proprietary framework that enhances React Native UI and UX with critical native app functionality which not only drastically shrinks time to market but allows for rapid post-launch iterations.

The new Quick Brick framework further accelerates Zapp's ability to streamline the design, deployment and management of complex video apps across Android, iOS, Apple TV (tvOS), Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Samsung and LG TVs. The new core framework not only simplifies app development by eliminating the need for coding the visual elements of OTT apps in multiple languages, it exponentially increases time to market across all platforms and enables agile, iterative development of apps that can quickly adapt and respond to market requirements.

"From day one, the Zapp platform was created to enable media companies to quickly launch and update great video experiences, and at the same time as make better use of their development resources. With the new Quick Brick framework, we are further empowering our users to take control of their app destiny and self-manage their video apps like they're used to with their other digital properties like their websites," said Jonathan Laor, co-founder and CEO of Applicaster. "Thanks to Zapp, now you don't need a computer science degree to deploy beautiful apps like Netflix or Hulu."

Speed and flexibility in reaching viewers are key to adapting strategies to support the accelerating and increasingly competitive OTT market. The quicker the launch, the sooner recouping investments begins. However, it's not only about getting there fast, managing the life of an OTT app after launch is also an important way to differentiate, reduce churn, and increase ROI. The ability to adjust strategies on the fly, in any environment, without incurring additional costs (developer costs, opportunity costs, etc.) is a key element to the Quick Brick framework and Zapp platform.

All of the new capabilities provided by Quick Brick are available to Zapp users immediately as part of their Zapp platform subscription.

About Applicaster

Applicaster powers the creation and optimization of customized end-user app experiences for today's largest media companies and premium content providers. With its open APIs and extensive partner marketplace, the company's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, Zapp, serves as an open ended resource for companies to prototype, develop and launch apps, utilize OTT services and integrate key functionalities into third-party apps. Customers such as DirecTV, Fox and Viacom are utilizing Applicaster for direct to consumer app design and delivery across mobile, connected TVs and connected devices. Applicaster has offices in New York, San Jose, Miami, London and Tel Aviv. For more information, visit For press inquiries, contact

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