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The Cauca River Valley, located mainly in the Department of Valle del Cauca, has a series of advantages and potentials that are rarely gathered in such a relatively small area. In view of the fact that this region is in a privileged geostrategic position, providing a promising and successful future, the Colombian Air Force, in order to benefit from the region’s present and future advantages and potentials, has been dedicated to the creation and promotion of an Industrial Cluster devoted to the Aerospace and Defense Industry, known as the Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster (CVAC).

For the Colombian Air Force, the Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster is a strategic initiative that will have enormous and positive impact not only on the economic field, but in the quality of life of those who inhabit this area as well.


The Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster is both an organization and a strategic initiative. The formation and structuring of the Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster is a regional strategic initiative dedicated to the cultural, social and economic transformation of the Cauca River Valley, and is led by the Colombian Air Force along with the “Marco Fidel Suárez” Military Aviation School, through its Aerospace Technologies Research Center – CITAE and supported by the Cali Chamber of Commerce, the Department of Valle del Cauca and the Colombian Ministry of Defense.

The Colombian Air Force raised this initiative for the first time in 2006, but nothing could have been achieved without the concurrence of key factors who are able to understand the implications of such project and who are willing to face challenges. With the full support and commitment of the Valle del Cauca Department and the Cali Chamber of Commerce and with the active and decisive participation of 30 organizations, among which are private enterprises, higher education institutions, research and development centers, and various local, regional and national entities, the Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster is aiming at transforming the Cauca River Valley into a significant industrial center.


The Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster is aiming to group, articulate, represent and promote the various public and private entities of the Cauca River Valley that have interests in the aerospace sector, as well as facilitate the economic, social and cultural development of the region, based on scientific, technological and aerospace activities.

As a regional strategic initiative, Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster’s goal is the economic, social and cultural transformation of the region through a number of initiatives and a joint line of action.


The Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster will not only provide the appropriate platform for business activities, but also a regional strategic initiative for the economic, social and cultural transformation of the region, aiming to encourage the creation of new work positions, as well as a scientific and technical development on a global scale.


The Cauca Valley Airspace Cluster is mainly aiming at:

  • Expanding the national aviation, aerospace and defense market internationally,
  • Strengthening the position of the participating companies nationally and internationally,
  • Creating alliances with international strategic partners of the civil aerospace market,
  • Generating the appropriate conditions (i.e. promotion, funding, infrastructure, social development technology, education, etc.), for the strengthening of the Cauca Valley Airspace Cluster,
  • Conquering a significant part of the global airline business,
  • Promoting industrial research development,
  • Providing certified products that are manufactured in the region at low cost, and as a result, ensuring regional economic development,
  • Investing in new technologies, in order to improve quality control and industrial performance.

Another result of the aerospace cluster is the establishment of the Aeroindustriales de Colombia Association, a result of the cooperation of Aerodynos de Colombia, Aeroandina, Ibis Aircraft and Caldas Aeronautica. The Association is engaged in the manufacture of ultra-light aircrafts and along with other companies that we have been identified for their significant knowledge in the field, it is able to strengthen business networks both within the country and globally.

Among the most prominent members of the Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster are:

  • Ibis Aircraft,
  • Aeroandina,
  • Aerodynos de Colombia,
  • Caldas Aeronautica,
  • Pontificia Universidad Javeriana,
  • Universidad de San Buenaventura,
  • Universidad del Valle,
  • Departamento Administrativo de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación – Colciencias,
  • Sena,
  • Fanalca S.A.,
  • Inorca Ltda.,
  • Centro De Mecanizados Del Cauca S.A.,
  • Centro Red Tecnológico Metalmecánico - CRTM,
  • Centro de Excelencia de Nuevos Materiales - CENM.
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Martha Lucia Villegas
+57 2 488 1000, Ext. 1869 / Cell: +57 315 572 4823
CVAC Executive Coordinator
Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster, Cali, Colombia

Cauca Valley Aerospace Cluster (CVAC)

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