Occupier Helps Retailers Identify Real Estate Opportunities Amid Covid-19, Drives Digital Adoption Among Brokers and Tenants

NEW YORK, June 5, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Occupier, the Real Estate Success platform for businesses, has seen retailers and tenant reps rapidly adopt its lease administration and transaction management software during Covid-19.

Retailers using Occupier during Covid-19 include Bluestone Lane Coffee, Insomnia Cookies, and franchise owners of Five Guys and Auntie Anne's Pretzel. In a short period of time using Occupier, these companies have transformed their real estate process to increase productivity and decrease risk.

Why retailers need to transform real their estate process:

    --  Manual Leasing Process: Without a single place to collaborate, teams
        spend considerable time compiling information from spreadsheets and
        emails. No workflow exists to move a deal from start to finish, putting
        the company at risk in tight markets. Real-time negotiation tracking
        helps them prioritize lease restructurings with landlords due to
    --  Limited Insight Into Lease Data: Most retailers have no clear insight
        into lease obligations unless someone reads a lease, or hears from a
        landlord. Stakeholders don't know where to find basic information --
        when rent escalates, when renewal periods start, or what rent-relief
        rights exist. This exposes the business to unnecessary risk and slow
        decision making.
    --  Excel Broker Communication: Brokers are expected to provide detailed
        deal reports to the real estate and executive team. With no central
        location to track deals, the team spends hours scrubbing data to compile
        information. This wastes time and creates confusion around deal status
        at any point in time.

"When stores began to shut down and we had to modify our business, we evaluated all of our software tools, and we immediately knew we needed to keep Occupier," said Nick Stone, CEO of Bluestone. "Occupier is an essential tool for operating our business and keeping our investors informed."

Dan Bodner, Owner of DBodner & Co, who advises high growth retailers on site selection added, "From a service provider's perspective, Occupier makes me comfortable that I have control over a massive amount of information that is important to my clients. Occupier has been an essential tool for managing client negotiations during Covid-19."

Occupier is a provider of lease administration, lease accounting and transaction management software for businesses and their commercial brokers. Founded by commercial real estate and Proptech veterans, Occupier works with companies like DraftKings, Hopper, Bluestone Lane Coffee, FM Global Insurance, and Outdoor Voices. To learn more, please visit: www.occupier.com.

CONTACT: Matt Giffune, 617-694-7489, matt@occupier.com

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